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Interstellar Production Portal

Interstellar Production Portal provides an intuitive user experience that allows remote contributors to send high quality, low latency video to existing production infrastructure. Interstellar integrates with your existing production switchers, routers and workflows through standard SDI connectivity.

High-Quality Remote Content

Interstellar improves the quality of your production by delivering an intuitive experience that allows remote contributors to focus on their message without requiring changes to the existing production workflow.

Zero Footprint Installation

Interstellar is 100% browser based and requires no installation for operators or remote talent.


With optional LDAP integration and HTTPS encoded streaming, Interstellar protects your remote contributions and aligns with corporate security requirements.

Cloud And On-Premises

Ross understands the importance of privacy and Interstellar can be installed in your cloud or along with your existing on-premises infrastructure.

Leverage Existing Production Workflow

Remote contributor feeds and in-studio feeds appear the same way to operators once Interstellar is commissioned. There’s no change to your existing production workflow and no new tools to learn.

Simple to Use

Remote contributors can easily login to Interstellar and begin streaming. Several key features support diagnosing issues like low bandwidth or device selection.

Interstellar Overview Video

Discover how Interstellar Production Portal solves the problem of incorporating remote contributors into your production.


Interstellar supports three main editions, which vary based on the number of remote studios, concurrent users and SDI inputs.


For customers running one production at a time.


  • 1 remote studio
  • 5 concurrent users
  • 4 streams


For customers running two productions at a time.


  • 2 remote studios
  • 10 concurrent users
  • 8 streams


For customers running multiple productions at one time or one complex production.


  • 5 remote studios
  • 25 concurrent users
  • 20 streams

Integrates With

existing SDI based infrastructure, and the following Ross products:


Contributing To A Production

After clicking a link to join a remote studio, remote contributors have low-latency interactions, share high quality video and screens.

Focusing On The Host

When a contributor wants to engage with the host of a production, they can maximize the host’s video stream.

Troubleshooting Remotely

Interstellar helps diagnose the common issue of lack of bandwidth by allowing  remote contributors to conduct speed tests and by ensuring contact information is always available.

Monitoring Streams

During a production, operators are given a view that allows them to monitor the streams being used in the remote studio, including video, audio, ifb and talkback from all contributors.

Integrates With Intercom

Interstellar can integrate with existing intercom systems using a standard 4-wire interface to give the full IFB/Talkback experience to broadcast professionals working remotely.

Secure Login

Interstellar can optionally be integrated with existing LDAP systems to support single sign-on or use a local system. This allows users to use existing network credentials to login.


Interstellar works for all production
applications where remote contribution occurs.

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship



Interstellar U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Interstellar Production Portal operation and workflow.


Cut Sheets

Cut Sheets
Interstellar Solution Brief Download

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