Replay Systems Abekas Mira Key Features

Key Features

  • Four or Eight “symmetrical” HD/SD channels; each can be used as either Recorder or Player
  • 1080p 3G video support using AVC Intra native video hardware
  • Up to two Ultra HD-4K channels using AVC Intra native video hardware
  • Slow Motion and optional Super Slow Motion replay
  • Support for Dual-User operation
  • Integrated Media File Import and Export tools
  • Clips and Playlist media files can be exported to multiple destinations before, during and after live production
  • Networked real-time clip playback across multiple Mira servers via Gigabit Ethernet
  • Built-in Input/Output Audio Router
  • Built-in control over external Video Routers
  • Built-in MultiViewer computer desktop video monitoring
  • Built-in HD-SDI Quad-Viewer outputs with programmable content Count-Down display
  • Media disk array with RAID-6 parity protection and up to 200 hours of media storage at 100 Mb/s
  • Ross DashBoard and open Mira Ethernet API is freely available to program custom user control interfaces
  • Dual, hot swappable redundant power supply is a standard feature
  • Mira server is housed within a robust, compact 3RU server chassis