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Mira U

Welcome to the Mira U, a place for online self-directed learning of Abekas Mira replay operation and workflow. This library of videos will be updated on a regular basis as new features and functionality are released.

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials demonstrate the basics of the Mira replay system.

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  • Acuity U 101
    Mira Replay 101: Opening Mira Explorer
  • Acuity U 102
    Mira Replay 102: Setting up a Replay Event
  • Acuity U 103
    Mira Replay 103: Starting a New Replay Event
  • Acuity U 104
    Mira Replay 104: Intro to the Replay GUI
  • Acuity U 105
    Mira Replay 105: Making a Clip
  • Acuity U 106
    Mira Replay 106: Building a Playlist
  • Acuity U 107
    Mira Replay Tip 01: Demo Mode