Robotic Camera Systems CamBot Applications


CamBots support a variety of applications to suit your production needs.

CamBots are deployed in a wide variety of demanding applications ranging from simple one or two camera productions through to major multi-camera network studios.

Whether you have highly knowledgeable and experienced in-house staff or a dedicated team of volunteers, CamBot solutions will fit right in and make it easy for your team to get the results you are looking for.

Worldwide, more and more productions are taking advantage of robotic camera technology to improve productions while gaining operational efficiency.

Cambot 520 Ceiling Mount Install

By making the switch to CamBot robotic camera systems your organization can experience benefits like these:

  • Consistent on-air camera shots, ensuring quality productions
  • More production at lower costs, while minimizing scheduling hassles
  • A typical return on investment of two to three years

The CamBot product portfolio starts from cost-effective Pan/Tilt heads, to optional robotic elevation columns, up to full-fledged free-roaming pedestal systems with telescopic lifts. All CamBots have a sophisticated IP based control system.

Large Studio Productions and News

The Furio SE Studio and Cambot Free Roaming pedestals are the perfect couple for Live Productions as well as News and Sports broadcasts. From a single Graphical User Interface and Joystick Control System, the operator can enjoy the best of both worlds in any demanding production.

The CamBot 600XY and 700XY free roaming pedestal systems offer up to 200-pound (90 kg) payload capacity supports the largest studio cameras and prompters, while setting the industry standard for smoothness, accuracy and quiet operation. A local control option allows the operator to change between manual and robotic operation with the flick of a switch. The 3-stage elevation column adds extremely smooth on-air quality vertical moves. Using a proprietary drive-wheel configuration, together with optical targeting, the 700XY targets in seconds, navigates studio floors with industry-leading precision, ends wheel-scrub floor damage and eliminates the need for periodic sensor and target cleaning.

CamBot integrates seamlessly with automated production systems like Ross OverDrive and others, bringing a new level of production quality while enhancing efficiency.

Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality

The Integration and stability of the camera system is a key component in making great looking and believable productions. In addition to being the highest payload free-roaming pedestals, the CamBot 600XY and 700XY also provide native tracking data for VS/AR. Thanks to an industry-leading drive wheel mechanism, it provides much more accurate tracking data, while requiring less frequent re-targeting than any other free-roaming pedestal available in the industry today.


Create sophisticated, customized control screens for CamBot and other Ross products with DashBoard, the unique facility control system from Ross Video. Touch screen control panels can be designed for any sort of facility used for various government assemblies that include control over CamBot robotics, XPression graphics and Carbonite production switching all at the push of a single button labelled with the legislator’s picture and name. Creating specialized control solutions for CamBot is quick and easy with DashBoard.

With a compact footprint, the 520PT is an ideal choice when space is constrained and no motorized elevation is needed. Coupled with optional Ceiling or Wall Mounts the 520PT is the perfect pan-tilt head for applications such as assembly rooms and auditoriums.

Live Venues / Stadiums

The goal of adding camera positions to an event or live performance is to enhance the experience and not deter from it. Thanks to CamBot’s compact design profile and quiet operation, it can provide a potentially unique camera angle without being a distraction. CamBots have been mounted in otherwise impossible positions for a live operator. With a full range of payload capacities available, CamBot heads can accommodate everything from compact cameras and lenses – perfect for smaller venues or interview rooms – to high-powered telephoto box lenses and studio cameras for catching the action from the upper deck.

Houses of Worship

CamBot can be completely remotely automated or controlled locally by a live operator right at the camera. This is ideal in venues that have varying levels of staff participation and experience.


CamBot can be used in areas where a camera operator simply cannot go. Secure Military Training Facilties, Medical Training Centers and Distance Learning Environments where several campuses can be linked over IP and controlled by a single operator.

While the CamBot 520PT, 600PT and 600PTZ are obvious choices, the 600XY-S2 offers Free-Roaming XY capabilities that are a good fit for Educational Institutions.