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Free-Roaming (XY) Pedestals

CamBot 600-Series and 700-Series Free-Roaming (XY) Pedestals set the industry standard for accurate, smooth and reliable operation in all axes:

  • Pan and Tilt
  • Zoom and Focus
  • Elevation
  • XY movements across the floor

Using unique differential-steering, the CamBot Free-Roaming XY Pedestals target in seconds and navigate studio floors with millimeter precision, ending wheel-scrub floor damage, and eliminating the need for periodic sensor and target cleaning.

Cambot 600 Free Roaming Pedestal

The CamBot line of free-roaming XY pedestals offers three distinct choices to suit a wide variety of studio layouts and capital budgets. All three members of the line-up are built on the same proven pedestal base, which features the industry’s best floor repeatability, fast and easy targeting, and a straightforward design that provides years of reliable, low-maintenance operation.

With its breakthrough entry-level price-point, the 600XY-S2 enables a whole new segment of robotics users to take advantage of the flexibility and versatility of free-roaming robotic pedestals.

The 600XY-S2 combines the 2-stage lift from the CamBot 600PTZ with the 600PT head. With a net payload of 57 kg (125 lbs), the 600XY-S2 handles most of today’s studio camera configurations, including ENG/EFP-style cameras and lenses, with full-sized prompters, talent monitors, clocks and tally lights.

The mid-range 600XY-S3 combines the price benefits of the smaller payload 600PT head with a 50% increase in elevation range (i.e. difference between min and max elevation) over the 600XY-S2. By mounting the 600PT head on the heavy-duty 3-stage lift from the flagship 700XY, a wider range of shots is achieved, including the ability to more naturally cover both standing and seated talent positions.

At the top of the range sits the 700XY, whose payload capacity, accuracy and reliability are unmatched in the industry. With a 90 kg (200 lbs) net payload, the 700XY can support some of the largest box lenses and studio cameras in use today.

Features and Benefits

Unique differential steering The CamBot’s unique two-wheeled design eliminates the wheel-scrubbing that results in the rapid accumulation of floor-error that plagues caster-based designs. The Pan Compensation feature in the head ensures accurate shot recalls time after time. And unlike external bolt-on floor-positioning systems, it requires no external markers (other than a single 33 cm x 39 cm (13″ x 15.5″) floor target) or sensors, yet still provides the best accuracy in the industry.
Local / Manual control CamBot’s local control module permits an operator to convert the system to a manually operated pedestal and pan-tilt head at the flick of a switch. Because the motors and encoders remain engaged at all times, the robot continues to track its position, eliminating the need for re-homing once it is returned to full robotic control – again at the flick of a switch. It’s the simplest, most convenient manual control solution available today, permitting the operator to manipulate the full robotic pedestal with one hand.
Rapid, accurate targeting Targeting is based on optical pattern recognition technology that provides sub-millimeter accuracy and takes less than a second to complete. The system requires only one single homing target per pedestal or studio, without requiring additional targets distributed around the studio.
Virtual Tracking data All CamBot XY-pedestals offer high resolution virtual tracking data on all seven axes, which combined with its unbeatable floor accuracy, makes it ideal for adding augmented reality to existing hard sets, or for use in full-blown virtual sets. Because the pedestal always knows where it is even when in local mode, they also continue to send accurate tracking data on all axes (including XY) when operated manually.
Integrated lens control Simple and reliable, featuring integrated interfaces for both Canon and Fujinon Digital lenses.
Automated Production Integration Interfaces with all major brands of automated production control including Ross Video OverDrive. As with all other CamBot and Furio robotics products, the XY Free-Roaming Peds are controlled over IP/Ethernet, facilitating commissioning and cabling.
Simpler, lower maintenance, more reliable design The CamBot design is beautiful in its simplicity, minimizing the number of belts, gears and motors, and eliminating the need for pressurization, to produce the most reliable, low maintenance free-roaming pedestal in history. As so many customers say: it just works.
Easy to maneuver throughout the studio The base of the CamBot Free-Roaming Pedestal is designed such that it fits through a standard 86cm (34”) door opening.

Ordering Information

CAM-600XY-S2-PKG Free-roaming XY pedestal package with 2-stage lift and 600 series pan/tilt head with a max net payload of 57 kg (125 lbs)
CAM-600XY-S3-PKG Free-roaming XY pedestal package with 3-stage lift and 600 series pan/tilt head with a max net payload of 57 kg (125 lbs)
CAM-700XY-PKG Free-roaming XY pedestal package with 3-stage lift and 700 series pan/tilt head with a max net payload of 90 kg (200 lbs)
CAM-UNI-LC-XY Local control module for 600XY or 700XY pedestals. Includes joystick for controlling lift and floor position