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Pan/Tilt/Elevation (PTZ) Pedestals

600 Series PTZ Pan/Tilt/Elevation System
The CamBot 600 Pan/Tilt/Elevation System is the most economical solution for adding a robotic elevation column to the high-payload 600 series Pan/Tilt heads.

Cambot 600 PTZ Pedestal

The CamBot 600PTZ Series consists of 3 components:

  • The 57 kg (125 lbs) capacity 600PT Pan/Tilt head, which easily carries typical studio configurations with Box or ENG cameras, ENG lenses, full-sized teleprompters, and preview / talent monitors.
  • A 2-stage robotic elevation column that adds extremely smooth on-air quality vertical moves to enhance productions.
  • A compact, three-wheeled base with lockable casters and integrated cable-guards.

The CamBot 600PTZ Pedestal:

  • Provides smoothness, speed (5”/sec or 12.7 cm/s), precise control and high-quality on-air moves
  • Can be combined in any studio with all other Ross CamBot or Furio robotic systems, all under the control of a common control system.
  • Provides reliable and easy lens controls with integrated interfaces for both Canon and Fujinon analog and digital lenses.
  • Offers optional local control, permitting operators to control Pan, Tilt and Elevation manually through a combination of PanBars and a local Joystick. Changing between manual and robotic operation requires just the flick of a switch.
  • Includes adjustable Pan, Tilt and Elevation Limits to prevent cable damage
  • Interfaces with all major brands of automated production control including Ross Video OverDrive.
  • Is controlled over IP/Ethernet, facilitating commissioning and cabling.

Ordering Information

CAM-600PTZ-PKG Elevation pedestal package with 2-stage Lift, non-motorized Base and 600 series Pan/Tilt head with a max net payload of 57 kg (125 lbs)
CAM-UNI-LC-PTZ Local control module for 600PTZ Elevation Pedestals. Includes joystick for controlling lift position