Robotic Camera Systems CamBot Components

Pan/Tilt Heads

According to the required payload of camera, lens, prompter, talent monitor and other devices, 3 series of Pan/Tilt heads are available.

Up to 32kg (70lbs): 520 Series
The CamBot 520 Series Pan / Tilt head is the ideal robotic camera head for use where space is constrained and no motorized elevation is needed. The 32 kg (70 lbs) payload capacity of the 520PT easily accommodates medium-sized teleprompters and box or ENG type camera configurations with ENG lenses.

Cambot 520 Pan/Tilt Head

An offset tilt axis minimizes the overall footprint of the head, while reducing the need for awkward counter-weights.

Up to 57kg (125 lbs): 600 Series
The CamBot 600 Series Pan/Tilt Head is the perfect solution for most studio applications. With its 57 kg (125 lbs) capacity, the 600PT easily carries typical studio configurations with Box or ENG cameras, ENG lenses, larger teleprompters and preview / talent monitors.

Cambot 600 Pan/Tilt Head

The 600PT head system is also available as a 600PTZ Pan/Tilt/Elevation Pedestal or a fully robotic 600XY Free-Roaming XY Pedestal.

Up to 90kg (200 lbs) : 700 Series
The 90kg (200 lbs) capacity of the 700 Pan/Tilt Head supports even the largest studio cameras and lenses, while setting the industry standard for smoothness, accuracy and quiet operation.

Cambot 700 Pan/Tilt Head

The 700PT head system is also available as a fully robotic 700XY Free-Roaming Pedestal.

All CamBot Pan/Tilt heads:

  • Provide smoothness, speed (90deg/sec Pan/Tilt), and high-quality on-air moves.
  • Are equipped with anti-backlash gears for precise, repeatable, and “jump”-free movements.
  • Can be combined in any studio with all other Ross Robotic heads and control systems.
  • Provide smooth and reliable lens controls with integrated interfaces for both Canon and Fujinon digital lenses, while the 520 and 600PT series heads also support analog lenses.
  • Offer optional local control, permitting operators to control Pan and Tilt manually through PanBars. Changing between manual and robotic operation does not need any complicated locking mechanism, just the flick of a switch.
  • Offer a wide range of camera cradles and mounting options (tripod, pedestal, ceiling and wall).
  • Include adjustable Pan and Tilt Limits to prevent cable damage.
  • Are available with optional rack mounted Power Supply Units (PSU).
  • Interface with all major brands of automated production control including Ross Video OverDrive.
  • Are controlled over IP/Ethernet, facilitating commissioning and cabling.

Ordering Information

CAM-520PT-PKG Compact Robotic Pan / Tilt Head with payload up to 32 kg (70 lbs)
CAM-600PT-PKG Robotic Pan / Tilt Head with payload up to 57 kg (125 lbs)
CAM-700PT-PKG Robotic Pan / Tilt Head with payload up to 90 kg (200 lbs)
CAM-UNI-LC-PT Local control module for 520PT, 600PT and 700PT Pan/Tilt Heads