Robotic Camera Systems CamBot Key Features

Key Features

Range of solutions to fit most production needs

  • Any combination of CamBot or Furio models can be used together in a system with unified control.
  • Available with Pan / Tilt , Elevation and full Free-Roaming options, the CamBot series is a cost effective way to make shows look better.
  • CamBots can replace existing manual camera systems and even mount onto existing tripods and pedestals.
  • CamBot heads are available with a variety of mounting options that permit them to be placed on top of tripods or pedestals, hung upside down from the ceiling or trusses, or bolted to a desktop or alcove. This provides the flexibility to place them just about anywhere to get the shots you need.

Fast, Robust, and Durable

  • The CamBots are studio workhorses – distinguished by their ability to accept industry leading payloads of cameras, lenses, prompters and fixtures of up to 90 kg (200 lbs) on the 700 Series.
  • Not only strong but fast, the CamBots also offer the highest pan-tilt speeds in their class, permitting quick and precise camera repositioning for the next shot.
  • Designed for long-term reliability based on decades of industry experience, CamBots deliver reliably day in and day out.
  • The CamBot Free-Roaming XY pedestal’s simple, but elegant design is 100% robotic, with fewer moving parts, fewer belts and gears, and no need for pressurization.

High accuracy for positioning and tracking

  • The CamBot Free-Roaming pedestal’s optical pattern recognition technology guarantees fast and accurate targeting and eliminates any floor error.
  • All of the CamBot pan-tilt heads have special gearboxes that eliminate back- lash, producing precise and highly repeatable movements.
  • The heads are combined with high-resolution servos to provide the ultimate in smoothness and control, minimizing the need for manual adjustments to compensate for inaccurate robotic recalls.
  • The unique differential steering and two-wheel design of the CamBot XY pedestals, provides pinpoint rotation, dramatically less floor wear due to wheel scrub, and most importantly – best-in-class positional accuracy and repeatability.
  • The CamBot Free-Roaming XY pedestals provide tracking data for Virtual and Augmented Reality – even when in local mode. Due to its industry-leading accuracy, virtual productions always appear amazingly realistic.

Manual Control

  • All of the CamBot systems offer an optional local control module to release remote control and permit a camera operator to step behind the camera and operate it manually.
  • Returning to remote control is a matter of throwing a single switch, without requiring homing or targeting – regardless of how much the system moved while in local mode.

Connectivity with Control Systems

  • CamBot shines in the demanding environment of an automated production control room. All CamBots interface with the leading automated production systems, including Ross Video OverDrive.
  • CamBot uses the same SmartShell v4 Control System as the Furio line, with the legacy Cambot UI still available.
  • The CamBot series is controlled over IP/Ethernet, facilitating commissioning and cabling.
  • One or more Control systems can control multiple heads and/or pedestals:
    – In SmartShell, any additional controller can override and take control of a head and/or pedestal which was previously controlled by the first Controller. This offers unmatched flexibility in large studio setups.
    – In the rare case of a control station failure, the operator can immediately take control from any other SmartShell control station on the network.