Robotic Camera Systems CamBot Top Reasons to Buy

Top Reasons to Buy

CamBot systems provide the flexibility to mount just about anything on the camera head due to industry-leading payload capacity

  • The 700 series supports up to 90 kgs (200 lbs) of cameras, lenses, prompters and fixtures. No other robotic pedestal currently available can support this amount of pure payload.
  • At 32 kg (70 lbs), the 520PT has a higher payload than any other compact head on the market, in many cases offering more than twice the payload of competing products.

Unique and Patented technologies provide unparalleled performance and functionality

  • Two wheeled design with Differential Steering provides pinpoint rotation, dramatically less floor wear due to wheel scrub, and most importantly – best-in-class positional accuracy and repeatability. What little floor error that does accumulate is easily eliminated by optical pattern recognition technology that guarantees fast and accurate re-targeting.
  • Automatically compensates when the pedestal base rotates before moving in the desired direction by turning the head in the opposite direction, keeping the camera pointed at the talent.

Cambot 600 Free Roaming Pedestal (Front)

Manual operation without loss of control

  • CamBot’s local control module partially releases the robotic motors on the pan-tilt head at the flick of a switch, permitting the operator to position the camera using conventional panbars. The electric motors provide an adjustable drag, closely simulating the feel of a traditional fluid head. A joystick mounted on the panbars enables the operator to control the lift and drive the pedestal around the studio floor from behind the camera.
  • While in local mode, real-time tracking of all the robot’s axes continues, permitting all Presets to be retained without the need for re-targeting when going back to remote control. This also means the CamBot Free-Roaming XY pedestals continue to provide accurate tracking data while in local mode – something other robotic free roaming XY pedestal systems cannot offer.
  • Local control is available on all Cambot configurations, from the 520PT and 600PT pan/tilt heads, to the CamBot 600PTZ pedestal and up to the advanced 700XY.

Provides superior performance in multiple applications

  • Ross robotic systems have been engineered to outperform offerings from other suppliers, providing you with more flexibility, better workflows, and more consistent productions.
  • Whether on free-roaming pedestals, robotics lifts or standalone pan-tilt heads, Ross robotic systems offer the largest payload capacities in their class, so you can deploy a wider range of camera and teleprompter configurations.
  • Derived from decades of industry experience, unique technologies from Ross deliver industry-leading accuracy without the added cost and complexity of external referencing or targeting systems.

Superior accuracy and dependability yield superior virtual and augmented reality

  • Virtual and augmented reality rely on the accuracy and consistency of the tracking data to deliver convincing and appealing results. Without it, AR elements can float unexpectedly above (or below) tables or floors, and virtual sets can appear to drift.
  • Combine Free Roaming Pedestals with other Ross systems, and enjoy the security of a simple and dependable virtual solution deployment provided by a single supplier.
  • Support for a variety of protocols and interfaces to other systems that ensures high quality virtual output.

Offers flexible and open connectivity

  • Communicates natively over IP, and offers a choice of two communication interfaces for third party control
  • Connecting, sharing and controlling the systems is easy to implement and to manage, and therefore simplifies installation into new and existing studios.
  • A perfect fit for studio automation: whether in combination with Ross OverDrive, or other major third party systems.
  • A perfect fit for Virtual or Augmented Reality combined with UX Track and XPression motion graphics, or other third party products

Supported around the world for the most demanding of productions

  • With over 2000 robotic systems installed, few suppliers have more experience with installing, commissioning and maintaining robotic systems than Ross Video.
  • Industry leading support, legendary for its flexibility and customer-oriented approach, is an important part of Ross Robotic solutions. In addition to comprehensive maintenance and hardware warranty plans, Ross includes 24/7/365 worldwide support at no extra cost for all of its customers.