Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Live

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Executive Summary

Furio SE Live meets the need for a fresh style and distinctive visuals. By working closely with industry professionals like you, Ross has created the ultimate next-generation remote control camera system. Combining a high speed dolly, silky-smooth lift, and ultra-fast pan/tilt head with two intuitive and responsive control systems, the Furio SE Live delivers a unique combination of speed, fluidity, and responsiveness in a compact and modular package.

Deliver Results

  • Produce better quality images for your shows due to superior smoothness and stability.
  • Benefit from a system that is also fast and easy to setup and configure.

Optimize Efficiency

  • Capture all the action with just a single system.
  • Lower costs and complexity by providing greater coverage and versatility, eliminating the need for additional cameras and operators.
  • An extensive number of targeted features make it the safest and most robust dolly system in the industry.

Get Creative

  • Make shots you only dreamed of due to the speed, acceleration, and vertical range of the system.
  • Use either Joystick or Panbar Remote Controls to locate your camera in places that were previously impossible.