Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Live Applications


The Furio SE Live consists of a motorized dolly, a telescopic lift, a pan/tilt camera head and a set of operator controls. With fully digital and network controlled servomotors, the Furio SE Live offers a single operator the capability to control track, lift, zoom, focus, pan and tilt — even from a remote distance from up to 50 m (164 Ft) away.

Live Concerts

The very fast Pan, Tilt and Track speeds permit the operator to move swiftly from one side of the stage to the other, while keeping track of the talent and even the audience.

The Furio SE Live has been built with a dynamic editing style in mind. Thanks to the intuitive panbar and foot pedal controls, a classical camera operator can rapidly learn to use the Furio. As one user says “The Furio is like having multiple cameras merged into one”.

Talk Shows

With the subjects primarily seated in static positions on the set, talk shows can be visually uninteresting when using fixed cameras. By permitting on-air traveling shots, the Furio SE Live introduces a sense of dynamism into these types of shows. Thanks to the small and non-intrusive footprint, the Furio SE Live can be integrated into the set and produce shots from angles that would be impossible with classic cameras on pedestals.

Entertainment Shows

Entertainments shows are often unpredictable and fast-paced. They require a camera system that can deliver smooth, clean and spectacular shots while keeping up with the action. Thanks to the rail system and intuitive one-to-one joystick or panbar controls, the operator can decide on any shot in the blink of an eye while still delivering smooth on-air moving shots, even when the studio floor is anything but even.

Sporting Events

The Furio SE Live perfectly fills the gap between fixed cameras and more expensive spider-cam styled cameras. Whether it’s football/soccer, tennis, swimming or any other sporting event, the Furio SE Live rail system can be set up in matter of minutes and deliver the audience fast-paced traveling shots. Thanks to the intuitive controls, even camera operators with little robotic system experience will very quickly be operational.