Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Live Key Features

Key Features

The Furio SE Live takes the world’s leading rail-based camera robotic system (Furio RC) to the next level, delivering unmatched performance, a wealth of intelligent features, and an even more robust and reliable design.

Furio SE Live Low On Tracks

A modular system that can be configured to suit a wide variety of installations.

  • The pan/tilt head can be mounted on a tripod, suspended from a ceiling, or mounted directly on the dolly.
  • A 3-stage Carbon Fiber robotic Lift can be added to the dolly to provide elevation in combination with the track movements to create dramatic moving shots from a variety of angles. With a max. Height of 2.2 m (7’ 3”) and Elevation Range/Lift Stroke of  87 cm (34”), the Furio SE Live Lift provides an unprecedented range of shots and perspectives for even greater artistic freedom and creativity.
  • The tracks are also modular, available in a variety of lengths of straight or curved sections.

Designed with live production in mind, the system is quick to set up and tear down.

  • The head and lift are quickly assembled onto the dolly in a manner of minutes.
  • The operator can be up and running with the control system in minutes.
  • Blind mate electrical connection between lift and dolly simplifies installation and protects cable and connectors from damage when the system is setup and torn down frequently.
  • Integrated cable management features permit cables to be neatly and safely tied to the dolly and lift.
  • Ergonomic top and bottom handles facilitate lift installation on dolly, while upper handles offer both horizontal and vertical hand positions.
  • Dual-switched DC power supplies automatically detect and switch between 110 V and 220 V, offering global compatibility without reconfiguration.
  • Integrated power bar distributes mains power for cameras, monitors, and other devices.
  • Lift extension scale on second stage provides visual indication of lift position.
  • The rails feature cone-shaped plastic couplers designed for rapid setup and teardown.
  • System packages come complete with travel cases for the head, dolly, lift, and control system.

Furio SE Live On Tracks

Designed for safety

  • On-board Front and Rear E-Stops on dolly and remote E-stop immediately cut power to the dolly, lift, and head in case of emergency.
  • Fail-safe brake keeps lift in position during power loss (or when e-Stop triggered), ensuring the camera does not drop if on-air. At the same time, the head becomes free-wheeling and dolly comes to a smooth controlled stop, thanks to unique constant current regenerative braking.
  • Safe-T-Glide wheels permit higher dolly speeds while preventing the dolly from tipping without introducing any additional rolling resistance or noise during normal operation.
  • Gently flashing front and rear light bars provide visible indicator that system is in motion.

Furio SE Live Panbar Control
Operators can choose between two responsive and intuitive control interfaces.

  • The Joystick option is for experienced robotics professionals accustomed to the sensitivity and precise control of a well-tuned joystick. A highly responsive 3-axis precision joystick is for pan/tilt operation, while a large rocker and roller combination provides excellent tactile control of zoom and focus.
  • The Panbar option is for seasoned manual camera operators, and combines the feel of a manual camera with the flexibility and speed of a remote, fly-by-wire robotic system. Based on an actual fluid head with adjustable drag, the panbar offers a number of flexible features, including the ability to dial up or down the sensitivity, such that the same gentle swing of the arms can produce a slow pan, or a rapid sweep.
  • Foot pedal controls are used for track (dolly) and telescopic lift.
  • Both systems include a Touchscreen Control Console that combines on-screen menus with tactile knobs for quick configuration of system settings.

Supreme compatibility

  • Both the Furio SE Studio (formerly known as Furio Robo) and Furio SE Live (formerly known as Furio RC) use the same Dolly and Lift hardware.
  • Raincover hooks on the Dolly permit a raincover to be installed.
  • Most importantly, the Furio SE is still compatible with legacy Furios permitting any Furio RC head to be used on the system, even up to installing the Furio SE Lift on existing legacy Furio RC dollies.