Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Live Overview


Furio SE Live Primary Capabilities
Delivers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness for your live events or unscripted studio productions.

  • Both control system options permit a dedicated camera operator complete control over every aspect of the camera’s movement.
  • The advanced dolly system reaches speeds of up to 3 m/s along precision extruded aluminum rails, to deliver incredibly smooth “on air” traveling shots, creating the most dynamic, yet perfectly fluid images possible for your shows.
  • The 6 highly responsive, remotely controlled axes enable a single camera person to maneuver the system around the stage, capturing unique camera angles that would normally only be possible with multiple camera systems and operators.
  • The intuitive remote controls provide the freedom to locate your camera in places that are typically inaccessible to an operator.
  • The track and lift functions are operated by foot pedals while the remote head is controlled by either a Joystick or a PanBar to assist the system to operate quietly and with precision, even at high speeds.
  • The modular system can be quickly assembled with a Telescopic lift or no lift at all, so it can be tailored to each of your productions, and has the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of venues.

Furio SE Live On Tracks
Updates your visual style with a robotic camera system that delivers breathtaking shots.

  • The system enables you to capture the dynamic energy of live performances in fresh and exciting ways.
  • The powerful capabilities of the system enable your creative directors to deliver original, spectacular and more captivating content in a reliable, consistent and cost-effective manner.
  • By combining speed and acceleration with unrivaled smoothness and stability, you gain new opportunities for creativity that were previously unattainable with conventional robotic camera systems.
  • Being reliable and robust, the system produces outstanding results for you from day one.

Enhances your competitive edge with better productivity, visual quality, and production efficiency.

  • The design and engineering details puts the system in a class of its own, while making it easy to set up, and even easier to use.
  • The system requires fewer resources, while creating high quality images
  • Lower costs combined with increased revenues from advertisers and sponsors, deliver improved financial results.

The system reduces your risks as it has become the de-facto standard for motorized dolly systems in live broadcast environments around the world and is used in a variety of award-winning entertainment shows.