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Executive Summary

Furio is the leading track-based camera system, with over 300 dollies installed in more than 30 countries around the world. Offering unparalleled smoothness, accuracy and flexibility, Furio is the ultimate tool for creating stunning visuals, higher quality productions, and more efficient workflows.

Improve the Look

  • Deliver more compelling productions with superior tools and technologies for your producers, directors, and camera operators to really make your productions come to life.
  • Help capture and hold your audiences’ attention.

Automate Productions

  • Dramatically increase production efficiency, while delivering superior quality and consistency with accurate and repeatable robotic recalls.
  • Utilize comprehensive integration with automated production control solutions such as Ross OverDrive or other third party systems to fully realize the benefits of studio automation.

Augment Reality

  • Rely on accurate and repeatable tracking data from integrated tracking systems, and combine this with XPression or other third party real-time 3D graphics to create stunningly realistic Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality.
  • Achieve great looking and believable results for your productions.

Furio SE Studio offers High Performance with a powerful, ultra-linear lift design that combines elevation range and overall height with fast lift speed. This is mated with a fast, accurate and ultra-smooth robotic dolly to deliver the most dynamic moving shots possible.

Extensive Smart Features such as efficient cable management and connectivity that streamline installation and setup are provided by the Furio SE Studio. The common Dolly and Lift can be configured for both Furio SE Studio (formerly Furio Robo) and Furio SE Live (formerly Furio RC) applications, simplifying inventory management for customers who have both systems. In addition, a number of safety features make Furio SE Studio the safest dolly system in the industry.

The Robust Design of the Furio SE Dolly features extensive diagnostic indicators, fault tolerant circuits, and field replaceable electronics modules that make Furio easy to operate and maintain. Meanwhile the SE Lift combines internal linear guides with Carbon Fiber tubes to deliver increased extension and linearity, while reducing weight without sacrificing strength or rigidity.

Furio systems enable producers and directors to deliver original and more captivating content in a consistent and reliable manner. Each new TV show, newscast, and live event has to be more visually appealing to capture and hold the attention of your audience. The return is added value to your advertisers and sponsors. Furio robotics offer ideal solutions that accelerate your business goals.