Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Studio Applications


The Furio SE Studio product portfolio starts from high performance Pan/Tilt heads, to optional robotic elevation columns, up to full-fledged rail-based dolly systems with telescopic lift, all under the control of a sophisticated IP-based control system.

Large Studio Productions and News

The Furio SE Studio and Cambot XY Pedestals are perfect for Live Productions as well as News and Sports broadcasts. From a single Graphical User Interface and Joystick Control System, the operator can enjoy the best of both worlds in any demanding production.

The ability to produce a signature visual style with accuracy, reliability and ease of use makes Furio SE Studio ideally suited for top end news and entertainment productions. The unique Moves option enables live, dynamic on-air camera moves that make your automated productions look more alive than with fully manned camera systems.

Furio SE Studio integrates seamlessly with automated production systems like Ross OverDrive and other third party systems, bringing a new level of production value while enhancing efficiency.

Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality

The Integration and stability of the camera system is a key component in making great looking and believable productions. Furio SE Studio’s unique, built-in absolute positioning system provides a reliable and consistent connection between real world camera movement and virtually rendered graphics. Nothing reveals the depth and realism of a virtual set more than the long, sweeping dolly shots that the Furio SE Studio system delivers with ease.


The entire Furio SE Studio range is a perfect fit for any weather studio as they are by default equipped with VS/AR tracking and support for all of the leading real-time 3D graphics engines.

Houses of Worship

Furio’s quiet, low profile dolly makes it perfect for unobtrusively adding dynamic moving shots to services, which can then be combined with simple pan/tilt heads hanging from alcoves, balconies or ceilings – all controlled by a common control system by a single operator