Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Studio Components

Furio SE Studio BlackBird

The Furio SE BlackBird is a smooth-rolling, ultra-stable base for the Furio SE lift and VR100/VR600 heads. It is a three-wheeled pedestal base that provides a lower cost alternative where robotic floor movements are not required, but fully robotic remote control of Pan, Tilt, Lift (Z-elevation), and lens Zoom and Focus are desired.

Features Benefits
All casters feature 12.7 cm (5“) diameter dual-wheels Smooth, quiet movement across a variety of studio floor surfaces, even carpet!
Each caster features adjustable cable guards Prevents cable snags for different thickness of cabling
Foot-activated actuator simultaneously locks both wheel rotation and caster rotation Enables the pedestal to be securely locked in position on the floor
Rigid aluminum base Rock-solid stability and repeatability during on-air movements of the head and lift – a must for virtual studios or augmented reality applications
Stabilizing weights in the pedestal base
2 unique, adjustable outrigger feet
Prevent tipping even when the lift is fully extended and head is loaded to its maximum payload capacity, making this the safest robotic elevation system in the industry, while at the same time permitting the base to maintain an 81cm (32”) width, which is narrow enough to fit through a standard office door
Stabilizing weights can be quickly and easily installed or removed Effortless shipping and commissioning
Alignment features Ensure that the pedestal can be accurately re-positioned in the same floor location over and over again, ensuring each shot is accurately recalled every time. This is particularly convenient for VS/AR tracking
Mated with the carbon fiber Furio SE lift Provides a wide array of camera angles and shots at max. optical height over 2m20 (7’2”), while offering the ability to add silky smooth vertical movement to on-air moving shots
Integrated hand wheel on lift column Provides an ergonomic handle for pushing or pulling the pedestal, without applying potentially damaging stresses to the camera rig or robotic lift
All electronics contained in a single field replaceable unit (FRU) Entire unit can be replaced in minutes with a single Allen key, simplifying commissioning, repairs, and spares management
Auto-sensing 100-240V AC Power Supplies
Array of Status LEDs for rapid fault diagnosis
Fully compatible with existing Furio control systems, SE Lifts and heads, including both the VR100 and VR600 heads Easily retro-fitted into existing installations, and able to share common spare parts for lifts and heads

Bridging the Gap
The Furio SE BlackBird bridges the gap between the full Furio dolly system on rails and standalone PT heads mounted on brackets, tripods or manual pedestals. The Furio SE BlackBird provides smooth robotic elevation on an ultra-stable, manually-driven, three-wheeled base. Compatible with both the VR100 and VR600 pan/tilt heads, the Furio SE BlackBird is the perfect complement to your robotic installation.

Poetry in Motion
Smooth, easy-rolling, 12.7 cm (5”) diameter casters permit the Furio SE BlackBird to glide effortlessly across virtually any studio floor, while the hand wheel provides an ergonomic handhold for maneuvering around obstacles. The wheelbase is narrow enough at 81 cm (32”) to easily move the pedestal through a standard doorway between studios.


Completely Stable
When it comes to camera mounting systems, stability is paramount. The Furio SE BlackBird features three double-wheeled casters whose swivel and rotation axes can be simultaneously secured. This ensures that once locked in position, pan, tilt and elevation moves can be executed on-air without vibration for beautiful, clean moving shots. When unlocked and rolling smoothly into position, the low center of gravity, two outrigger feet, stabilizing weights, and integrated cable guards make it virtually immune to tipping, even with a full payload.

Virtually Perfect
While stability and repeatability are always important, this is doubly so in a virtual or augmented reality application. The Furio SE BlackBird is the perfect addition to Ross Virtual Systems solutions, whether it is in a small studio where there is not room for a full track and dolly system, or for a particular shot where pan, tilt, and elevation are all that is required.

Easy to Use
The Furio SE BlackBird was designed with ease-of-use firmly in mind. The electronics are the same as the Furio SE Dolly, and are contained within a single field-replaceable unit (FRU) that requires just one Allen key to remove or install. Electrical connections are easily accessible and clearly labeled, and cables lie in a recess on the top of the FRU to protect against accidental damage.

The Furio SE Lift offers dramatic performance

Features Benefits
Carbon Fiber Lift Design Enables increased lift height without adding weight or sacrificing strength or rigidity- ensuring a low center of mass and maintaining system stability
Internal linear rails Superior lift linearity, greater pan accuracy and repeatability across the entire lift range
Max. Optical Height of 2.2 m (7’ 3”)
Elevation Range (Lift Stroke) of 87 cm (34”)
Provides a wide range of shots and perspectives for greater artistic freedom and creativity
Payload up to 123 kg (270 lbs) Supports even the CamBot 700’s payload of 90 kg (200 lbs) [1]
Lift speed of up to 15 cm/s (6”/ sec) Enables Furio to get into position quickly

[1] Payload on Blackbird is limited to 57kg (125 lbs) by the capacity of the VR600 Pan/Tilt Head.