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Furio SE Studio Dolly System

Furio “On-air” Camera Moves
The Furio SE Studio dolly system gives you the ability to deliver smooth and repeatable “on-air” camera moves. An unlimited number of moves and position pre-sets can be recorded so signature visual images can be called upon and repeated consistently any and every time. The Furio SE offers dramatic performance and smart features that guarantee the system is easy to setup, safe to operate, and requires minimal servicing over its lifespan.

Furio SE Studio Dolly System

The Furio SE Lift offers dramatic performance

Features Benefits
Carbon Fiber Lift Design Enables increased lift height without adding weight or sacrificing strength or rigidity- ensuring a low center of mass and maintaining system stability
Internal linear rails Superior lift linearity, greater pan accuracy and repeatability across the entire lift range
Max. Optical Height of 2.2 m (7’ 3”)
Elevation Range (Lift Stroke) of 87 cm (34”)
Provides a wide range of shots and perspectives for greater artistic freedom and creativity
Payload up to 123 kg (270 lbs) Supports even the CamBot 700’s payload of 90 kg (200 lbs) [1]
Lift speed of up to 15 cm/s (6”/ sec) Enables Furio to get into position quickly
Track speed of up to 3 m/s (straight rails) Enables Furio to get into positon quickly, covering more ground than competing systems

[1] Payload on Furio dolly is limited to 30kg (66 lbs) to maintain stability during moving shots in tight circular tracks with the lift extended to its maximum height

Smart Features that make Furio SE easy to install and setup

Features Benefits
Dual-switched DC power supplies automatically detect and switch between 110 V and 220 V Offers global compatibility without reconfiguration
Integrated DC power supplies for pan/tilt heads Eliminates need for external power bricks
Integrated power bar Distributes mains power for cameras, prompters, monitors, clocks, and more
Blind mate cable connection between lift and dolly Simplifies connection and protects cable and connectors from damage
Integrated lift lock Ensures lift stays compressed during shipping, preventing damage to internal elements during transport
Horizontal top and bottom handles Facilitates lift installation on dolly
Carefully sculpted ergonomic upper handles Offers both horizontal and vertical hand positions, shaped to ensure that cables cannot get snagged
Local lift elevation control on Dolly Enables lift to be raised/lowered without connection to a control system – perfect for commissioning or servicing
Lift extension scale on second stage Provides visual indication of lift position
Integrated cable management features Permits cables to be neatly and safely secured to the lift

Smart Features that make Furio SE easy to operate and maintain

Features Benefits
All electrical circuits are contained in two Field Replaceable Units (FRU), featuring blind mate connections. Either unit can be quickly replaced with the removal of just 4 screws Streamlines spare part management, servicing and replacement
Complete array of status LEDs Simplifies and accelerates fault diagnosis
Self-recovering overcurrent detection and indication on all electrical ports Protects all electrical circuits
Internal Linear guides in Lift Maintains superior column alignment over the life of the system – with zero maintenance
Struts in interior of lift tube Makes for a clean appearance and protection against cable snags or incidental damage
Internal magnetic encoder for tracking Lift position Eliminates potential snags or interference with cables that could lead to lift position errors

The safest Dolly system in the industry today

Features Benefits
On-board Front and Rear e-Stops on dolly Immediately cuts power to the dolly, lift, and head in order to ensure maximum safety
Remote e-Stops Permits E-Stop to be triggered from the control room or the studio – or anywhere else in the building
Unique constant regenerative braking Assists dolly to come to a smooth controlled stop
Gently flashing front and rear light bars Provides visual indicator that system is in motion
Safe-T-Glide wheels Prevents derailment, enables higher maximum speed, especially on curved tracks
Failsafe brake Keeps lift in position during power loss (or when e-Stop triggered), ensuring the camera does not drop if on-air

Multi-Camera IP-Based Control
Controls an unlimited number of dollies and cameras from one central user interface. The system is fully IP-based. Once the Furio robotics and control system are connected to a standard Ethernet switch, you are ready to roll. Configuration, upgrade, and diagnostics are integrated through a web interface.

SilentWheels™ split wheel design
Dolly wheels are cut in half and equipped with 4 high precision ball bearings acting as a differential. This permits one side of the wheel to rotate at a different speed than the other to prevent disruptive noise through a curve.

The Furio SE Dolly can move at up to 2 meters per second (3 m/sec with Safe-T-Lock wheels) in utter silence while providing smooth on-air images.

Furio SE Studio Track
Precision extruded aluminum tracks are joined with machined internal couplers that provide seamless connections between sections. With a low profile and matte black finish, Furio SE Studio tracks can be tightly integrated into studio floor to create unique and inspiring set designs.

Furio SE Studio Tracks

Available in any lengths of straight or curved track with custom radii, the Furio rail will fit in any studio design.

With a narrow track gauge of 36cm/14”, the Furio can easily fit into small spaces. Discrete and unobtrusive, it appears gracefully “on-air”.

Flexibility = Versatility
Furio is a modular system, which provides users the ability to mix and match heads, dollies, lifts, and pedestal bases. Furio even offers fixed height columns for applications where vertical movement is not required. This even extends to Furio SE Live, where both the SE Live and SE Studio systems share the same Dolly and Lift Hardware. This permits a user who might need both systems (rental houses or large broadcasters for example) to save on their investment by reconfiguring their lift and dolly depending on the application, and adding the appropriate head and control system.