Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Studio Components

Furio SE Studio VR100 Pan/Tilt Head

The Furio VR100 is a quick and nimble entry level Pan/Tilt head designed for Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality, but powerful enough to support a medium-sized prompter.

Featuring absolute encoders on both the pan and tilt axes, the VR100 knows exactly where it is at all times without the need for homing, making it ideal for VS/AR applications in which the virtual objects must precisely match and track the real-world images.

VR100 Pan/Tilt Head

The strength and rigidity of this head supports payloads up to 20 kg (44 lbs), and eliminates the need for an extra support arm that was required on its predecessor, the VR1. The VR100 accommodates small and medium-sized teleprompters, making it the perfect solution for compact virtual sets or practical sets with augmented reality.

Designed to be standalone or for use with a Furio Dolly System, the VR100 head can be used in either vertical orientation including “upside down” for hanging from a ceiling or wall.

The Furio VR100 Robotic PTZ Head is a breakthrough in studio automation. A robotic camera system has never been so easy to install, commission and maintain.

If higher payloads (up to 57kg / 125lbs) are required, Ross Robotics offers the VR600 Pan/Tilt head.

Furio Pan/Tilt Head Features

  • Easy configuration and diagnostics through an integrated webserver. Use a standard web browser to set network parameters, limits, and other settings
  • Presets and Moves stored inside the head, avoiding single point- of-failure
  • Fully IP-Based
    – Stores Presets and Moves within embedded database on the head
    – Communicates directly with the head from automation software or switcher
  • Digital lens interface – Auto-detects Canon or Fujinon lenses
  • Built-in support for Virtual Tracking included with every head
    – Tracking output for Virtual Set and Augmented Reality Applications
    – Blackburst and tri-level video reference input (SD / HD) for Virtual Studio Tracking data synchronization
  • Mountable on a tripod, pedestal, dolly with telescopic lift, dolly with fixed-height column, directly on dolly, or hanging upside down from the ceiling or trusses

*When mounted on the Furio dolly, the payload is limited to under 30 kg to avoid unwanted vibrations during on-air trucking shots.