Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Studio Components

Furio VR600 Pan/Tilt Head

Sharing the same mechanical underpinnings as the CamBot 600PT, the Furio Robo VR600 head offers extremely smooth and quiet operation at higher payloads of up to 55 kg (125 lbs)*. This permits the head to better handle the demands of studio productions requiring accessories like teleprompters and talent monitors.

Furio Pan/Tilt Head Features

  • Easy Configuration. Configuration and diagnostics through integrated webserver. Use a standard web browser to set network parameters, limits and other settings.
  • Fully IP-Based
    – Ethernet (IP) RJ45 Control Interface
    – Stores Presets and Moves within embedded database on the head
    – Communicate directly with the head from automation software or switcher
  • Digital lens interface – Canon or Fujinon lenses
  • Built-in support for Virtual Tracking included with every head
    – Tracking output for Virtual Set and Augmented Reality Applications
    – Blackburst and tri-level video reference input (SD / HD) for Virtual Studio Tracking data synchronization
  • Both the VR600 and VR100 can be mounted on a tripod, pedestal, dolly with telescopic lift, dolly with fixed-height column, or hanging upside down from the ceiling or trusses.

*When mounted on the Furio dolly, the payload is limited to under 30 kg to avoid unwanted vibrations during on-air trucking shots.