Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Studio Key Features

Key Features

Built-in Tracking for use with VS/AR

  • The Furio SE Lift, Dolly, and VR100 head feature absolute encoders that instantly provide real-time, accurate tracking data – with no homing required
  • Wiredraw encoders provide absolute positioning data for the dolly that avoids any errors caused by wheel slip or other momentary disturbances, ensuring that Furio SE Studio remains accurate day after day after day – without ever needing to re-target
  • Continuous absolute positioning on all axes
  • Tracking output in FreeD or ORAD formats available over RS-232, RS-422 and IP (UDP)

VR100 Pan/Tilt Head and ACIDCam

All Electronics contained in feature-packed Field Replaceable Units (FRUs)

  • FRU simplifies spares strategy, while replacement can be completed in less than 60 seconds
  • Advanced Power Management with dual-switched 110V/220Vpower supplies, integrated DC power supplies for Pan/Tilt heads and integrated outlet power bar for cameras, prompters, monitors, clocks, and more makes for a quicker, cleaner installation, and commissioning
  • All electrical ports feature self-recovering overcurrent detection and indication, protecting internal circuits from damage
  • An array of indicator LEDs accelerate fault detection and diagnosis

The Superlift: Taller, faster, stronger

  • Carbon Fiber Lift Design enables an incredibly tall lift with high rigidity, a low center of mass, and industry-leading system stability
  • Max. Height of 2.2 m (7’ 3”), and Elevation Range/Lift Stroke of 87 cm (34”) provides an unprecedented range of shots and perspectives for even greater artistic freedom and creativity
  • Internal Linear guides maintain superior column alignment over the life of the system – with zero maintenance
  • Lift speed up to 15 cm/s (6”/ sec), enabling the camera to get into position faster
  • Failsafe brake keeps lift in position during power loss (or when e-Stop triggered), ensuring the camera does not drop if on-air
  • Maximum payload capacity of lift is over 120 kg (270 lbs) – enough to support even the 700PT and its full 90 kg (200 lbs) payload

Furio SE Studio On Tracks
Array of Smart Design features make Furio SE Studio easier to setup, operate and maintain

  • Integrated cable management features permit cables to be neatly and safely tied to the lift
  • Local lift control on Dolly allows Lift to be raised or lowered during commissioning or servicing without being connected to a control system, while lift extension scale on second stage provides visual indication of lift position
  • Upper and lower lift handles were carefully designed to avoid cable snags while providing ergonomic handholds during transportation and installation

Unbeatable power and performance in a compact and quiet footprint

  • Highest NET payload of any track system in the industry, with the capacity to support modern cameras and prompters
  • Speed and smoothness to produce shots formerly restricted to jibs

Joining together of arbitrary sequences of presets using Furio Moves

  • Create signature shots not possible with conventional robotic systems or manual cameras
  • Sequences created using joystick controls can be recorded and replayed, so that creative shots can be accurately used over and over again on future productions

Designed for safety

  • On-board Front and Rear E-Stops on dolly and remote E-stop immediately cut power to the dolly, lift, and head in order to ensure maximum safety
  • Remote E-Stops can be placed on the wall of the studio, on the control room desk, or other locations – with the same immediate effect as the local E-Stops
  • Lift stays in its current position, head becomes free-wheeling, and dolly comes to a smooth controlled stop, thanks to unique constant current regenerative braking
  • Safe-T-Glide wheels permit higher dolly speeds while preventing the dolly from tipping without introducing any additional rolling resistance or noise during normal operation
  • Gently flashing front and rear motion LED bars provide visible indicator that system is in motion

Furio SE Studio On Tracks
Flexible track system

  • Furio rails are available in straight and curved sections that are custom built to exact specifications, ensuring they fit precisely into any studio design
  • With narrow 36 cm (14”) track width, Furio rails are perfect for small sets where space is at a premium, and there simply is not enough room for a camera operator
  • A low profile and matte black finish means Furio rails can be tightly integrated into the studio floor to create unique and inspiring set designs
  • Optional Collision Avoidance modules enable two dollies to share a common track, permitting both to safely make use of the entire track length

SilentWheels™ split wheel design

  • High precision ball bearings permit the inner and outer surfaces of the wheel to rotate independently, eliminating wheel squeal through curves
  • The custom laminated wheels feature smooth, shock-absorbing rubber surfaces that deliver excellent traction, and whisper-quiet movement

Furio SE Studio Silent Wheels
Fully IP based with an open API

  • Machine-to-machine protocol with simple ASCII syntax

Supreme compatibility

  • Both the Furio SE Studio (formerly known as Furio Robo) as Furio SE Live (formerly known as Furio RC) use the same Dolly and Lift hardware

The Furio SE Studio is still compatible with legacy Furios permitting VR1, VR100, VR600 heads to be used on the system, even permitting the Furio SE Lift to be installed on existing legacy Furio Robo dollies.