Robotic Camera Systems Furio SE Studio Overview


Furio SE Studio Primary Capabilities
Offers superior performance for more flexibility, better workflows, and more consistent productions.

  • Furio SE Studio systems feature large payload capacities, permitting deployment of a wider range of camera, lens and teleprompter configurations.
  • Fast and Furious – combines one of the fastest dolies, fastest lifts, and fastest heads to create the most dynamic moves possible – while also covering more ground with fewer cameras.
  • Furio SE Studio’s max camera height of 2.2 m (7’ 3”), and 85 cm (38”) lift range cover a wider array of angles and perspective, which combined with its speedy performance produces more dramatic and engaging moving shots.

Furio SE Studio On Tracks

Improves the look and feel of productions by providing more precise control over camera movements.

  • Cinema-quality on-air movements produce dramatic, signature shots that capture and hold viewer attention.
  • Furio SE Studio’s unique track encoding technology delivers industry-leading accuracy and positioning for reliable and consistent performance that results in higher quality productions.
  • Flexibility is ensured with high grade straight and curved rail sections custom built to exact specifications that fit precisely into each studio design.

Ease of setup, and safe operation helps lower short term and long term operating costs.

  • Effective implementation of cable management and connectivity streamlines installation and setup.
  • Extensive safety features designed into the dolly and lift make Furio SE the safest rail system in the industry.

Makes installation and operation easy for virtual sets and augmented reality.

  • Absolute encoders instantly provide accurate, real-time tracking data for the lift and track position in virtual environments.
  • A reliable and consistent connection between real world camera movement and virtually rendered graphics produces stunningly realistic virtual effects.
  • Integrates with existing third party render engine or enjoy the peace of mind of an all Ross solution from the industry’s most complete supplier of Virtual Set and Augmented Reality solutions.
  • Combine tracking enabled robotics with UX Tracking Integration software, XPression Motion Graphics, Acuity or Carbonite Production Switchers, OverDrive automated production control, Ultrix routing, and openGear signal processing systems.

Ross Furio SE Studio systems are used in top productions world-wide to provide compelling visuals. Furio SE Studio is designed for live television production studio use in which an operator controls multiple cameras with pre-set shot and motion path recalls.