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Executive Summary

Using SmartShell 4, all Ross Robotic solutions can be controlled from a flexible, intuitive user interface that can be scaled to suit both large and small installations.

Fit Right In

  • Incorporate robotic pan/tilt heads, pedestals, and dollies, all in one studio ready for virtual sets, augmented reality, and automated production control.
  • Unify control of all studio robotic systems to mix and match between the various heads, pedestals and dollies to create the perfect robotic solution that maximizes operational efficiency.

Make it Simple

  • Enable the easy creation, storage and management of an unlimited number of camera positions and movements, which can be replayed reliably, simultaneously, and live, on-air.
  • Ensure any camera operator can quickly master powerful and sophisticated looks with an easy, intuitive, and user-friendly application.

Take Control

  • Combine a flexible touchscreen GUI with an ergonomic joystick panel to control all Ross Robotics studio robotic systems.
  • Utilize a common control system that uses a flexible Ethernet-based architecture, which makes it easy to deploy in a wide variety of environments.