Robotic Camera Systems SmartShell Unified Robotic Control System Components

All-In-One Touchscreen PC with SmartShell GUI

The control system includes a quiet, high performance all-in-one touchscreen PC, eliminating the need for space hungry towers, and reducing the overall sound level in control rooms.

Camera View

  • Configure joystick axes, create and edit Presets and Furio Moves, organize them in categories (tabs)
  • Furio Moves enable the user to create complex camera movements by stringing together an arbitrary sequence of presets in a timeline, with full control over the transitions between segments to ensure a smooth and natural looking shot.

Matrix View

  • A single screen to easily find and recall Presets and camera Moves from any connected camera.

Thumbnail Integration

  • Thumbnails offer a visual short-cut to quickly locate and identify Presets or Moves.