Robotic Camera Systems SmartShell Unified Robotic Control System Components

Joystick Control Panel

  • Comes with single or dual 3-Axis high precision joysticks for controlling pan, tilt, zoom on one stick, and track/floor and lift on the other (if applicable).
  • Integrated focus and zoom controls.
  • Switch between up to eleven robotic camera systems directly from the control panel (or access an unlimited number of systems from the touchscreen). Back-Lit switches display instantaneous on-air camera status.
  • Camera selection buttons can also be configured to trigger a video router to switch the corresponding video feed to a local video preview monitor to allow the operator to view the camera output. This also applies when selecting a camera from the touchscreen interface.
  • Uses a direct UDP over Ethernet connection to the Robotics Heads for highly responsive, lag-free manual control.