Robotic Camera Systems SmartShell Unified Robotic Control System Components

Robotics Server

The SmartShell architecture includes a separate Robotics Server.

  • Simultaneously supports every control station
  • Simplifies control station redundancy by ensuring that all stations have access to the same configuration data
  • Consolidates robotic control data*

Configuration includes centralized Thumbnail Server

  • Central storage for Thumbnails.
  • Grabs Thumbnails from an SD or HD-SDI video source.
  • Permits multiple SmartShell User Interfaces to share a library of Thumbnails.

Configuration includes Routing Server

  • Sends switch messages to router to direct video feed from selected robot to the desired preview monitor
  • Sends switch messages to route video from the selected camera to the capture card in the Robotics Server for capturing a thumbnail image, which is then stored in the Thumbnail server

*CamBots only