Robotic Camera Systems SmartShell Unified Robotic Control System Key Features

Key Features

Capabilities Announced at NAB 2017


  • Configure and paint ACID cams, Hitachi box cameras, Panasonic box cameras and all Sony cameras
  • Stand-alone system configuration with integrated Robotics Server for installs where there is only a single station and/or redundancy is not a requirement
  • Quick-Focus function
  • Iris support for CamBots from panel
  • Router control in the Robotics server
  • X-Y floor limits used to prevent the pedestal from running outside a designated ‘safe’ area

Versatile joystick control panels

  • Single joystick for pan-tilt environments.
  • Dual joystick for systems that include tracks or pedestals.
  • 11 camera selection buttons for the operator to select the active camera/robot directly from the control panel.
  • Three action buttons for the operator to initiate a Cue, Cut or Run of presets and moves from the control panel, that provides a definitive, tactile interface for the initiation of robotic movements.
  • Focus Knob provides responsive tactile remote control of the lens focus. Press on the focus knob to initiate the “quick focus” function – zooming all the way in to permit fine tuning of the focus, before returning to the original shot position.
  • ‘Time’ knob for users to change the duration of a timed preset directly from the control panel.
  • ‘Iris’ knob provides direct control of the lens iris from the robotic control panel.*

Interface with Camera View

  • Categories permits users to organize presets and moves, and to group shots by show, scene, operator or other definitions.
  • Each control axis can be custom tailored to suit personal preferences, by adjusting the speed, damping, and limits.
  • Furio Moves enables creation of the most complex signature moves by simply dragging and dropping keyframes into a timeline or recording manual operator moves.

Interface with Matrix View

  • See a single consolidated matrix of shots from which to recall Presets and Moves from any connected camera simply by touching a thumbnail, or pressing an action button the on the control panel
  • Simultaneously prepare camera Moves and Presets while executing others with no need to wait for one command to complete before initiating the next.
  • Progress bars on thumbnails indicate shot progress – even if the shot was initiated from a different controller or device (eg: a switcher panel).

*Currently CamBot only. Available for Furio by end of 2016