Robotic Camera Systems SmartShell Unified Robotic Control System Overview


SmartShell Primary Capabilities

Provides a unified control system for the full line of studio robotics systems.

  • Unified control panel is available in both single and dual joystick models, providing a lower cost option for simple pan-tilt environments, in addition to the higher end dual stick version required for systems that include tracks or pedestals.
  • Centralized IP-Based architecture includes a separate Robotics Server that provides storage and management for thumbnails, communications with the robotic systems*, and router control.
  • Central server architecture simultaneously supports every control station within a facility and consolidates robotic control data, simplifies control station redundancy, and easily pools and shares all robot resources between control stations.

Offers operators an easy and efficient interface to create and manage camera moves.

  • Organize Presets and Moves in Categories, grouping them by show, scene, operator or any other parameter or characteristic.
  • Recall Presets or Moves from the Actions Matrix, which provides a configurable matrix of shots from any camera that can be triggered by simply touching a thumbnail.
  • In addition to manual joystick movements, access frequently used actions directly from the control panel, including selecting cameras, triggering shots, setting the duration of presets, and controlling the lens Iris.

*CamBot only