Robotic Camera Systems SmartShell Unified Robotic Control System Specifications


Features SmartShell
Supported Robots All Furio Robo and CamBot systems
Comm. Robots – Control System Ethernet
Video Router control IP or RS232/422
Tally Inputs IP
Features SmartShell Station
Operating System Windows 7 Professional
Form Factor All-in-One PC with 22” Touchscreen Display
Features Joystick Control Panel
Right Joystick Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Left Joystick Control (6-Axis only) Track or XY/Lift
Focus knob Yes
Camera Selection Buttons 11
Action Buttons 3
Iris knob Yes
Time knob Yes
Comm. Joystick – Workstation USB
Power Supply 24 VDC External Power Supply
Features Robotics Server
Operating System Windows Server 2012
Form Factor 1U Rack Mounted Server