Robotic Camera Systems SmartShell Unified Robotic Control System Top Reasons to Buy

Top Reasons to Buy

Offers a simplified and straightforward solution to complex Studio Automation and Multi-Camera Control

  • The user interface permits operators to setup pre-programmed camera positions (presets) and program complex on-air camera moves.

Simplifies shot management, even for the largest studios

  • A virtually unlimited number of shots can be stored and organized in categories (i.e. tabs) on a camera-by-camera basis, then pulled from to create a show-specific matrix of shots from all of the cameras used in that production.

Provides an ergonomic and responsive user interface for controlling the robots

  • Precision joysticks and knobs provide responsive inputs for all of the robotic axes, while backlit buttons provide direct access to the most commonly used functions and indicators.

Saves space and reduces noise in control rooms

  • The control system includes a quiet, high performance all-in-one touchscreen PC.