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November 6th, 2017 – Ottawa – For Immediate Release – Ross Video will use its keynote address at this year’s Inter BEE conference and exhibition in Japan to launch the newest addition to the company’s growing Software Defined Production (SDP) family that also includes the AIMS-compliant Raptor EDGE media gateway and Newt line of point-of-use signal converters. SDP delivers adaptability, scalability, and agility to broadcasters using the choice of transport that is most appropriate for their project. By moving away from single-function devices that mostly sit idle towards a pool of flexible resources that are able to meet production needs on-demand, broadcasters are able to do more with less.

Commenting on his forthcoming presentation, Todd Riggs, Marketing Product Manager for Ross Video is keen to stress the confusing nature of the contemporary broadcast landscape: “It’s a very challenging time in the industry – IP and UHD/4K are dominant topics of discussion and content producers are naturally attracted by both the opportunity that IP opens up for efficiency, as well as the enhanced picture quality that UHD will provide. Should these two technologies be married? In other words, should UHD always be transported using IP?”

SDP enables customers to maximise the utility of their existing hardware resources. It is a transport-agnostic approach that seeks to balance risk and cost given the required degree of scalability and flexibility. “We’ve seen many industry commentators hold up IP as an ideal or singular path to achieve agility, but that’s clearly not true in all cases. We can combine and orchestrate software defined, modular products to create agile production workflows with demonstrable cost benefits”, states Riggs. “Customers need to future-proof their investments and Ross is continuing to launch new products that do exactly that, offering certainty and clear upgrade paths. That also applies to our pending new product announcement at Inter BEE.”

“Ross has a strong history of offering solutions that replace customer confusion with simplicity”, Riggs notes. “Our message is very clear: we believe that the ‘One Network’ approach is underpinned by hybrid production models, IP and SDI, which will be around for a significant time to come. The key is ensuring that customers have the right options given their scale, budget and tolerance to risk, and that no one is trampled by an unnecessary or compromising technology rush”.

For those unable to attend Inter BEE, please watch out for Ross’ new product announcement on November 15th and join our upcoming webinar showcasing the power of Software Defined Production on November 30th.

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