Ross Video Advances OverDrive at NAB 2017 with Floor Director, QuickCode and Smart QuickRecalls

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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 [Ottawa, Ontario, Canada] – After more than a decade of customer feedback and continuous development, Ross Video’s OverDrive continues to be the market leader world-wide in Automated Production Control. Adding even more powerful features to help make productions cleaner and more efficient, this year at NAB on Booth #N3706, Ross will be showcasing V16.3 which includes features such as FloorDirector, QuickCode and Smart QuickRecalls.

FloorDirector is the newest addition to OverDrive’s toolset, providing information on the status of the show in real-time to a customizable and easy to read display.  Using an API, the information is displayed using pre-built DashBoard Custom Panels, and users can modify and customize the look and feel to suit their needs. FloorDirector also offers Clip and Shot timers, countdown clocks and shot information for program and preview, allowing users to keep their heads up and see all the information needed directly in their multi-viewer, in turn helping them to produce cleaner shows.

Ross has expanded the feature set of QuickCode since it was announced at NAB 2016. Users can quickly add keywords to the NRCS rundown to modify or add audio elements. Now, QuickCustoms allows users to add macros to any shot through the NRCS. This update allows users to dynamically change the show’s look without opening a plugin or a story.

Multiple Rundowns allows the user to open multiple running orders for back-to-back shows. Producers can create breaking news content in a separate rundown and operators can jump between rundowns at any time. Smart QuickRecalls can be used to search any open rundown and add content to the current rundown.

“We have the largest and most dedicated team of trainers and developers in this market space,” explained Mike Paquin, Marketing Product Manager for OverDrive, Ross Video. “We rely heavily on this team to help gather feedback and provide new ideas, as these often turn into new features for our dedicated users.”

Scalable and customizable, OverDrive offers three editions to choose from: Express, Prime and Premium. From entry level to fully loaded, Ross Video’s goal is to build systems that fit their client’s budget and production needs. Purpose-built control surfaces can also be added

to give operators dynamic control of their show and devices. As well, Ross provides a turnkey solution with the option to have free server-hardware replacements every three years, or clients can install OverDrive in their own virtual server environment.

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