Ross Video Introduces Innovative Abekas Tria News™ Playout Server

Ross Video Introduces Innovative Abekas Tria News Playout Server

With the acquisition of Abekas® in 2016, Ross Video instantly added video production servers, replay systems and a live event protection delay system to its already-impressive range of broadcast solutions. This was excellent news for the many Ross customers who are in the business of producing live television programs.

At NAB 2018, Ross Video is introducing an exciting addition to the Abekas Tria video server product line: the Tria News™ playout server, designed specifically for use in rapid-fire live television newsroom environments. Tria News is built with robust Abekas video processing hardware that’s optimized for efficient ingest and confident playout of newsroom media assets from four independent PGM playout channels, all controlled from newsroom automation systems.

Featuring a dedicated HD-SDI baseband input, the Tria News playout server can ingest and store live content, encoded with DVCPRO-HD. This captured content can also be quickly and easily trimmed using simple “heads and tails” edit tools built right into the Tria News server itself. Once this content is clipped, it can seamlessly play back-to-back with native XDCAM and AVC-I MXF files during a run-down playout.

Tria News is tightly integrated with Ross Video’s Inception newsroom computer system, Streamline media asset management and OverDrive automated production control platform. With this seamless and comprehensive newsroom ecosystem, it’s easy to organize newsroom media assets, create and manage run-down playlists, and present news story play out from Tria News. This system also uses well-established and proven MOS newsroom processes, providing reliable and worry-free live operations.

When news stories are published to a central NAS from networked edit systems, Ross Streamline can direct Tria News to load and playout up to four native XDCAM HD422 and/or AVC-Intra 50 MXF media files concurrently, with all four clips played directly from the NAS across gigabit Ethernet. For operational redundancy, media assets can also be mirrored inside the Tria News server itself. These assets are stored in a shared, real-time clip library maintained on SSD. For ‘absolute and complete’ playout redundancy, Streamline can also mirror media assets across two separate Tria News servers.

Tria News will be available for purchase during the 2nd Quarter of 2018.


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