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T-BUS to Ethernet Adapter
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In an effort to simplify NK routing solutions, and provide a significant cost savings and provide a more cost-effective routing solution, Ross has introduced the new NK-NET configuration dongle. This simple, unobtrusive dongle provides users the ability to configure a router, and up to 4 NK remote control panels via DashBoard, without the need of an NK-IPS. NK-NET ships at no extra charge with the purchase of all NK series routers. NK-NET can also be purchased as a stand-alone item for legacy systems.

Restrictions of NK-NET Applications

  • NK-NET requires the router to host the connection. Use NK-IPS to support panels directly.
  • NK-NET does not support advanced mapping. Use VRC for virtual routing configurations.
  • NK-NET only allows a single DashBoard connection.
  • NK-NET does not support MC-1 or Carbonite Extreme.

  • Enables Ethernet Configuration of any NK Router from DashBoard
  • Ships FREE and automatically included with every NK Router (orderable separately as well for legacy installations)
  • Configures both the router and up to 4 T-BUS connected NK panels

  • Replaces the need for an IPS for simple, router installations – saves costs, saves space, saves complexity.
  • Powered by T-BUS connection, no external power supply required

NK-NET T-BUS to Ethernet Adapter (Ships FREE and automatically included with every NK Router)

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