Routing Systems NK Series DashBoard Control System

DashBoard NK Control and Monitoring

Monitor, Control, Configure and Protect
DashBoard offers flexible control, configuration and monitoring over the entire NK router line and its control components. Using the NK-IPS Network Bridge, multiple DashBoard clients can run simultaneously to configure and monitor the NK router line, including signal status on each I/O port across multiple routers.

DashBoard NK Control System

DashBoard provides intuitive control panel configuration, including crosspoint and function assignment for each button, macro programming, and menu structure building across the entire range of NK control panels. Configuration extends to all NK control devices including GPI/O modules, 3rd party protocol translators and the NK-VRC Virtual Routing Core.

Virtual control panels and the virtual switchboard are an engineer’s dream, offering access to every crosspoint with the click of a mouse, or the press of a finger on a touch screen. Monitor, Control, Configure and Protect your NK routing system with DashBoard.

Virtual Control Panels

  • Builtin templates for quick and easy router operation, from the click of a mouse, or touch of a touchscreen
  • Access to every source, destination and level
  • Perfect for a master engineering panel, or single cut-bus operator panel

DashBoard Network Control and Monitoring

Intuitive Control and Monitoring

  • Program remote control panel crosspoints and functions
  • Configure router levels and break-away options
  • Monitor crosspoints with the Virtual Switch Board