Routing Systems NK Series Matrices Overview

Matrices Overview

Router Model Matrix

Utility Routing

Utility routers include the 16×4, 16×16, 32×32 and 34×34 sizes and are available in a wide range of signal types including 3G / HD / SD SDI, Analog Video, AES / EBU Digital Audio, Stereo Analog Audio and Machine Control (RS-422). The compact design, and compelling price points make these routers a great solution for a wide variety of applications from standalone single crosspoint to larger multi-crosspoint systems.

Mid-Size Routing

Mid-sized routers, 64×64 and 72×72 are modular and expandable in groups of 8 inputs and 8 outputs. They include 3G / HD / SD SDI, AES / EBU Digital Audio and Stereo Analog Audio signal types. These routers fill a unique niche in a demanding, yet price sensitive, segment of the market. The modular design lends itself to future growth and serviceability.

Facility Routing

The large NK-3G144-X is a scalable router designed to function in mission critical, high availability environments. The NK-3G144-X uses a common set of I/O boards and can be expanded in groups of 8 inputs and outputs to 144×144. This system is fully 3G compliant and will pass 3G / HD / SD signals in addition to ASI and SDI. A key feature of this matrices is superior redundancy. It has been architected to be equipped with fully redundant power supplies, dual redundant crosspoints and dual redundant control cards.