Routing Systems NK Series Control Panels


Local or Remote Control Panel

RCP-NK1 Remote Control Panel


The RCP-NK1 is a simple and cost-effective control panel that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Ideally suited as a menu driven source / destination switching control panel for small routers or as a cut-bus or multi-cutbus control panel for any sized router, the RCP-NK1 features 40 soft, fully programmable backlit keys arranged in a 32 + 8 configuration for convenient function key layout.

Each button can be configured to operate as a source, destination, breakaway, level select or macro function. Additionally protect, take and panel lock functions can be programmed to any button. Using source and destination shift buttons, a single RCP-NK1 can access up to 48 sources or destinations.

Multiple RCP-NK1’s can be tied together to operate as a single, larger panel. By doing this, the tied RCP-NK1’s can operate as a larger menu driven source / destination switching panel, or a larger cut bus panel with a single button per source access.

The variable backlight allows labels to be read in low light control room conditions, making this panel ideal for a wide range of environments.


RCP-NK1 Applications


  • 40 fully illuminated LED backlit buttons
  • Slim design: 1RU, depth 2.8cm
  • Full function programmable control panel
  • Configurable as cut-bus, multi-cutbus or menu driven source / destination switching control panel
  • Control up to 8 levels, across 16 breakaways
  • Removable keycaps for labeling of button functions using transparent inserts
  • Can be mounted on the front of any NK-16 router, providing an integrated 1RU routing and control solution
  • Phantom-powered via T-Bus
  • 5-year transferable warranty

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RCP-NK1 40 LED Illuminated Button Local / Remote Control Panel