Routing Systems Ultrix Control System

Control System

At the heart of the Ultrix routing platform is the new Ultricore control system. Ultricore has been designed to provide users with a state of the art configuration, control, and monitoring capability, all while operating within the known and highly praised Ross DashBoard ecosystem. The result is an integrated control system that is feature rich and easy to learn.

All Ultrix routers have the base Ultricore control system integrated into the frame as standard. Ultrix provides the following functionality:

  • System setup and configuration via Walkabout
  • Router and client system definition
  • Database creation, editing, and activation
  • Software control panel creation and operation
  • (2) Redundant Ethernet ports

Additionally, users have the option of purchasing the Ultricore 1RU central controller. The central controller works in conjunction with Ultrix routers, and provides all the previously listed features, along with the following additional capabilities :

  • (2) serial ports, (2) Tbus ports, (2) redundant Ethernet ports
  • Resource management for wrap around signal management
  • Third party client/server support for integration with other routers