Routing Systems Ultrix Key Features

Key Features

  • Compact form factors
  • High bandwidth, capable of routing signals from 270 Mb/s up to 12 Gb/s
  • Multiformat support
    – Signal range from mono analog audio to 12Gb/s UHD in the same frame
    – Coax, fiber, IP, and other interfaces available
  • Software Enabled. Sophisticated features added via software licensing, providing ease of use while preserving investment on hardware purchase.
  • Compatible with existing Ross infrastructures
  • 3rd party integration via industry standard protocols

Capabilities Announced at NAB 2017

Version 2.0

  • Ultrimix audio and Ultriclean switching are standard features in the base system
  • Flexible layouts for Ultriscape with creation of custom layouts using any two of the predefined PIP sizes
  • Category/Index switching, and an improved Group switching mode for  hardware control panels, as well as software control panels make switching and controlling the router easier
  • Ultripower is a1RU external, rack-mountable power supply. Powers up to (4) Ultrix 1RU and (2) Ultrix 2RU chassis from a single Ultripower frame. Redundant, hot swappable power supplies available. Full status monitoring available via DashBoard
  • Gearbox support
    – Includes Signal Medic features: Skew correction & Link healing
  • 10 more layouts for Ultriscape
  • Tally lamps (or dots)
  • RCP-QE Series remote control panels
    – 18 or 36 colored backlit graphic LCD keys with multiple menus

Ultrispeed – 12 Gb/s Performance Throughout Every Signal Path
The Ultrispeed software license enables 12 Gb/s performance throughout every signal path within the router including unique Ultrix technologies that establishes a new benchmark of system reliability.

Key Features:

  • Supports the Next Generation of SDI Signals!
  • From 270Mb/s to Single-Link 12 Gb/s
  • 3 Gb/s standard & up to 12 Gb/s with Ultrispeed SW upgrade
  • Pathological-Free Signal Generation
  • 1 Terabit switching capacity per RU positions the platform perfectly for the hybrid facilities of the future
  • Upgrade is purchased per slot

Ultriscape – Software Enabled MultiViewer Integration
Ultriscape is a software enabled multiviewer. No special output boards, crosspoints, or multichannel connection cables are needed. Simply enable the desired number of outputs to drive the monitors required, and route any input to whatever multi-viewer head is chosen.

Key Features:

  • Up to 6 multi-viewer heads in 1RU or 12 multi-viewer heads in 2RU
  • Can use standard HD-BNC I/O or AUX ports
  • SFP output design permits users to choose output format
    – (HDMI, SDI, FIBER…)
  • Each Ultriscape license enables 1 MV head
  • Fast (<1 frame latency)
  • Flexible
  • Wide range of output format choices
  • Feature rich
    – Integrated audio metering
    – Border/Tally
    – UMD
  • Controllable and customizable MultiViewer layouts
  • Simple control and configuration
  • Configure/update a single or multiple multi-viewers across many frames quickly using DashBoard
  • Tight integration with Router Database
  • Access to all router inputs AND outputs

Ultrimix – Audio Integration And Processing
Ultrimix provides advanced audio integration and processing, including the ability to embed and de-embed audio on all of the inputs and outputs of the router. No special hardware, crosspoints, or I/O boards are required. Ultrimix is perfect for applications where audio is constantly changing.

Key Features:

  • Complete non blocking audio support
  • Route and process both embedded and discrete audio.
    – Up to 768×768 channels in 1RU
    – Up to 1536×1536 channels in 2RU
  • Full audio processing and transitions
    – Level Adjust, Swap, Mute, and Tone insertion
    – Transitions such as Cut, Fade/Cut, Cut/Fade, V-Fade, and Quiet on a per channel basis
  • Ease of operation
    – Standard and custom control panels available within Dashboard
    – Control and switching via standard SW and HW router control panels
  • Discrete audio via MADI I/O
    – Support for up to 64 channels per MADI stream
    – AES and Analog audio support via external breakout box

Ultriclean – Clean/Quiet Switching
Completely clean video switching on any output. Other routers cannot offer this and require dedicated, special hardware with complex systemization that must be planned in advance, which only makes Ultrix even more cost effective. Even more impressive, it is the only 12G solution for this currently available.

Key Features:

  • Works in SD/HD/3G/12G
  • Scales to offer as many outputs as needed – even up to 100% clean outputs
  • Signals must be clock synchronous & within +/- ½ line
  • Easy setup and operation
  • No manual timing steps required – automatically detects delay and adjusts appropriately to maintain clean switching
  • When combined with Ultrimix, also provides ‘Quiet’ switching for embedded audio during a video switch

Ultrisync – Software enabled assignable input frame syncs
Licenses available for single or multiple inputs, and act as floating licenses that affect whatever inputs are desired. The function can be applied to every input in the chassis, and with data rates of 3G and below- the entire frame can be populated.

This capability assures consistent timing for sources in the frame, and guarantees audio processing on all inputs and that signals fall within timing window for clean switch applications. This software feature is much more cost effective than having to use an external frame sync.

Key Features:

  • Video frame sync
  • Audio SRC for all 16 channels
  • Simple enable/disable via checkbox
  • Input timing status

Ultripower – External 1 RU multi-unit power supply
Ultripower is a rack-mountable power supply. In environments where equipment ruggedness, security, and maximum space savings are critical, Ultripower is a great fit. Rack-mountable, shallow, as well as easy to access and maintain, it is perfect for things like flypacks, OB Production, or equipment rooms where rack space is a premium. Ultripower is also able to power multiple Ultrix chassis from a single system. One Ultripower chassis can provide redundant power for up to (4) 1RU Ultrix frames, or (2) 2RU Ultrix frames.

DashBoard control and monitoring software can be used to configure, actively control, and monitor all key parameters of the device. In addition, Ultripower has three LED indicators on each power supply module to identify identity key alarm and power presence.

Key Features:

  • 1RU external, rack-mountable power supply
  • Front loading, hot swappable, redundant 1200W power supplies
  • Power up to (4) 1RU Ultrix, and (2) 2RU Ultrix with redundant power
  • Adjustable rack ears
  • Control/Monitoring over Ethernet via Dashboard
    – Automatic detection of incoming data rate
    – Configurable as re-clocking or equalizing-only
    – Failover configuration
    – Alarm monitoring
  • LED indicators for Fan & Power

Ultricore – Full Featured Control System
Ultricore is a full featured control system that significantly reduces setup time, simplifies configuration, and enhances the user experience by providing powerful, yet intuitive workflows and interfaces that make operations run smoothly.

Ultricore is standard on all Ultrix frames. Integrated control is great for small systems as it does not require the use of a central controller. For larger or more sophisticated systems, the Ultricore-CC 1RU central controller is available to provide for greater client integration as well as enhanced control and connectivity capabilities.

When interoperability is required, reliable third party integration is assured by the ability to interface with industry standard protocols (GV Native / Probel SW-P-08), and by providing redundant physical communications links over both serial, Ethernet, and tbus interfaces. Because the Ultricore UI is integrated with the Ross DashBoard control software, consistency and familiarity is easily achieved for a smooth user experience.

Key Features:

  • System Discovery and Setup
    – Walkabout system discovery tool
    – Configure device communication settings
    – Establish server profiles
    – Perform identifications
    – Check network performance links and status and locate devices
  • Router and Multiviewer Database and Canvas Configuration
    – Create router and Ultriscape multiviewer configurations with the database editing tool
    – Create, change, and update sophisticated mappings, and source/destination grouping
  • Enhanced operational tools
    – Series of standard software panels
    – Ability to create custom panels
    – Monitoring, mapping matrices, and adjusting parameter adjustments are easy with an intuitive frame view
  • Hardware feature set
    – 2 Ethernet ports, 2 Serial ports, and 2 Tbus ports
    – Optional redundant power