Signal Processing


openGear is based on an open-architecture, control system ready 2RU modular frame, designed to accommodate up to 20 cards.


AIMS-compliant point-of-use IP signal converters.

Raptor EDGE

AIMS-compliant openGear module, high-density IP gateway.


Gator UHD-capable signal processing modules; the ultimate software-defined openGear processor.

Nielsen Encoders

The Nielsen product line tracks the television and media-viewing habits of homes accross the United States.

MB Series Monitoring Bridges

The Ross MB Series is a line of audio monitoring bridge products.

MC1 Master Control System

The MC1 is a cost-effective Master Control Systems built to meet the demands of  24/7 operation

TES Series

The TES Series is a range of multifunction VANC / VBI Processors.


GearLite modules offer the same excellent technical and operational specifications as our RossGear frame-based products, but are used where the module can be conveniently located at the source or destination of a signal.

8000 Series

The RossGear 8000 product line offers a wide range of analog and digital products to cover all your A/V distribution, conversion and tnterface needs.

7000 Series

The RossGear 7000 Series product line offers a wide range of analog products to cover all you A/V distribution needs.


Ross is pleased to offer a broad range of video and audio signal processing to suit virtually every broadcast and production environment. Built on a 30 year history of technical excellence, Ross leads the industry with a wide range of digital and analog products, spanning both video and audio formats.