ADC-8732B (-S) Analog Composite to SDI Converter

ADC-8732B (-S)

Analog Composite to SDI Converter

A superior quality analog to digital converter designed to handle tough microwave and satellite feeds as well as all general decoding requirements.

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The ADC-8732B is an advanced NTSC / PAL to 10-bit SDI video decoder designed to manage normal and difficult analog feeds. The adaptive comb filter converts analog feeds to SDI with much higher detail and fewer artifacts than found with traditional 3-line decoding. The ADC-8732B comes standard with a built-in line synchronizer, advanced digital proc amp and timebase corrector for decoding non-timebase corrected tape machines or other unstable signals.

The ADC-8732B can optionally be equipped with a full frame synchronizer (-S option) for applications where decoding of microwave or satellite feeds is required.

A tracking pulse output is available for input to the ADL-8520 Audio Tracking Delay Unit to ensure perfectly synchronized video and audio.

  • 12-bit A to D quantization
  • On-board TBC
  • 4x oversampling
  • 3D adaptive NTSC decoding
  • 5-line adaptive PAL decoding
  • Designed to handle difficult, unstable signals
  • Passes super-black

  • Low jitter
  • On-board optional frame sync
  • Input loss mode (black, freeze)
  • Hot-switch mode (black, freeze)
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Power: 4 watts



Analog Composite to SDI Converter
ADC-8732B Analog to SDI
ADC-8732B-S Analog to SDI and Frame Sync

Rear Module Suffix (ex: [model]-R2)
Rear Module for ADC-8732B (-S)
-R2S Split Rear Module for 2x ADC-8732B (-S)


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