ASI-310 DVB-ASI to SMPTE 310M Converter


DVB-ASI to SMPTE 310M Converter

Bi-directional converter between DVB-ASI and SMPTE 310M.

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Convert MPEG-2 transport streams between the DVB-ASI and SMPTE 310M formats.

The ASI-310 converter offers a number of unique features to ease integration into your environment.

It can simultaneously convert ASI-to-310 and 310-to-ASI.

The 310 output can be frequency-locked to a reference 310 input or a high-stability on-board temperature-compensated crystal oscillator can be used.

The bit rate is user-selectable (19.392658 or 38.785316Mb/s) as is PCR re-stamping of 310 output stream.

A wide range of ASI input rates can be converted to 310 by adding or deleting null packets as needed to maintain the exact output data rate.

GPI/O outputs can be used to signal error conditions such as loss of video and excessive ASI input rate.

Simultaneous two-way conversion:

  • Convert ASI to 310 for use by ATSC transmission equipment
  • Convert 310 to ASI for use with ASI-based equipment such as analyzers

The ASI-310 facilitates:

  • The interface from ASI infrastructure to ATSC transmission equipment
  • The use of ASI test equipment to inspect 310 signals
  • 5-year transferable warranty


DVB-ASI to SMPTE 310M Converter
 ASI to 310 and 310 to ASI Converter

Rear Module Suffix (ex: [model]-R2)
-R2 Rear Module for ASI-310


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