DMX-6259-A AES / EBU Audio De-Embedder with Fiber Optic Input


AES / EBU Audio De-Embedder with Fiber Optic Input

The ideal solution for de-embedding 8 AES streams from an 3G / HD / SD SDI signal with optical input.

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The DMX-6259-A is a high quality program audio de-embedder capable of de-embedding up to 8 AES / EBU pairs (16 audio channels) from an 3G / HD / SD SDI signal.

The fiber input is ideal for signal paths exceeding 100m. A single card solution meeting the needs for all audio de-embedding applications. Standard and high sensitivity optical receivers are available to accommodate various link budgets and transmission distances.

Audio proc control on each channel allow for audio processing with gain of ±20db, audio delay up to 1 second and channel invert. The DMX-6259-A supports full channel assignment to the discrete outputs. Various configuration options, including internally generated patterns and tones, are available for audio and video output scenarios should a loss of input occur.

The DMX-6259-A offers a selectable fiber / coax input.

  • 16 channel audio de-embedding for all popular HD / SD SDI formats with fiber input
  • Audio proc amp controls; gain, invert, and delay
  • Assign any embedded channel to any discrete audio output
  • Ability to re-map channels in embedded video stream
  • Programmable silence detection and timeout thresholds
  • Optical input range 1270nm to 1610nm

  • Optical input sensitivity -19dBm
  • Optical input sensitivity -9dBm to -28dBm, w/ high sensitivity receiver (-H)
  • Optical input connection: LC
  • 5-year transferable warranty
  • Power: 9.5 watts

AES / EBU Audio De-Embedder with Fiber Optic Input
 AES / EBU Audio De-Embedder w/ Optical Input
DMX-6259-A-H AES / EBU Audio De-Embedder w/ High Sensitivity Optical Receiver

Rear Module Suffix (ex: [model]-R2)
-R2A Rear Module for DMX-6259


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