FED-6943 Dual Link Ethernet Fiber Transceiver (WDM)


Dual Link Ethernet Fiber Transceiver (WDM)

7 Port, Gigabit Ethernet switch with dual link, bi-directional fiber transceiver.

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The FED-6943 is a dedicated 7 port, Gigabit Ethernet switch. 4 Copper ports provide 1Gb/s connectivity for multiple Ethernet enabled devices or links to additional network switches. 2 optical ports provide Ethernet links over two, bi-directional fiber connections for extended distances. An additional port is available for the OG3 frame’s optional internal GigE controller.

The FED-6943 is available in 2 varieties: The FED-6943-20A/B transceiver pair is capable of running up to a 20km link between 2 transceivers. The FED-6943-40A/B transceiver pair is capable of running up to 40km link, by using a higher output power and higher receiver sensitivity SFP.

Using WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing), a bi-directional link can be obtained using 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths over a single fiber link. When using WDM single fiber link, the two FED-6943 transceivers at each end of the link must complement each other in regards to their wavelength TX and RX.

  • 4 independent copper Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Copper Ethernet connection: RJ45
  • 2 bi-directional single fiber WDM connection
  • Optical connection: LC
  • Internal GigE midplane connection
  • SNMP compliant
  • 5-year transferable warranty

  • Input Optical Sensitivity & Wavelength
    20km A: -22dBm @ 1550nm
    20km B: -23dBm @ 1310nm
    40km A: -23dBm @ 1550nm
    40km B: -23dBm @ 1310nm
  • Output Power & Wavelength
    20km A: -8dBm @ 1310nm
    20km B: -8dBm @ 1550nm
    40km A: -3dBm @ 1310nm
    40km B: -5dBm @ 1550nm

Dual Link Ethernet Transceiver, Dual Fiber
20km WDM 1310 TX / 1550 RX 
20km WDM 1550 TX / 1310 RX 
40km WDM 1310 TX / 1550 RX 
 40km WDM 1550 TX / 1310 RX

Rear Module Suffix (ex: [model]-R2)
-R2 Rear Module for FED-6943


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