FED-6944 Dual Link Ethernet Fiber Transceiver (Quad Fiber)


Dual Link Ethernet Fiber Transceiver (Quad Fiber)

6 Port, Gigabit Ethernet switch with dual link, quad fiber transceivers.

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The FED-6944 is a dedicated 6 port, Gigabit Ethernet switch. 3 copper ports provide 1Gb/s connectivity for multiple Ethernet enabled devices or links to additional network switches. 4 optical ports provide an Ethernet link over two, dual fiber connections for extended distances. An additional port is available for the OG3 frame’s optional internal GigE controller.

The FED-6944 is available in several varieties: The FED-6944-20 transceiver is capable of running up to a 20km link between a 2nd FED-6944-20, or any other transceivers of similar specifications. 40km and 80km variations are also available and achieved by using higher output power transmitters and higher sensitivity receiver SFPs.

CWDM options are available in standard and high sensitivity SFPs for use with external CWDM multiplexer and de-multiplexer systems. Up to 16 independent optical signals can be multiplexed down a single fiber. This allows up to 8 full duplex, gigabit Ethernet links over a single fiber, or any combination of audio, video and data optical signals using other Ross Video CWDM fiber products.

  • 3 independent copper Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Copper Ethernet connection: RJ45
  • Quad LC Optical Connection
  • Internal GigE midplane connection
  • SNMP compliant
  • 5-year transferable warranty

  • Input Optical Sensitivity & Wavelength
    20km: -22dBm
    40km: -24dBm
    80km: -24dBm
    CWDM: -24dBm
    CWDM-H: -32dBm
  • Output Power & Wavelength
    20km: -8dBm @ 1310nm
    40km: -2dBm @ 1310nm
    80km: 0dBm @ 1550nm
    CWDM: 0dBm @ 1270nm – 1610nm
    CWDM-H 2dBm @ 1270nm – 1610nm



Dual Link Ethernet Transceiver, Quad Fiber
CWDM + High Sensitivity

Rear Module Suffix (ex: [model]-R2)
-R2 Rear Module for FED-6944

* CWDM wavelength identifier; ex: XX = 31 for 1310nm.


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