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SDI to HDMI Converter
Up to 3Gb/s SDI to HDMI conversion with stereo analog audio output.

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The SHC-9642 SDI to HDMI Converter is a high-quality signal conversion solution within the family of GearLite compact, self-contained modular products. The SHC-9642 is the ideal solution for converting any SDI input signal (up to 3Gb/s) into an HDMI Type-A output format. User-selectable audio decoding is available with unbalanced, stereo analog audio outputs. Up to 16 channels of embedded audio are selectable, in stereo pairs, for de-embedding and decoding.

A universal power adaptor and line cord, suitable for the country of use, is supplied with each module. Various mounting options are included to enable a wide range of installation choices.

SHC-9642 SDI to HDMI Converter


  • Supports all SDI Formats up to 3Gb/s (1080p60)
  • Reclocked SDI Output
  • Analog audio RCA Outputs
  • User Selectable YCbCr or RGB output
  • Automatic colorspace detection for HD or SD
  • USB Port for upgrades

SHC-9642 Flow Diagram