Interstellar Streaming Gateway

Interstellar Streaming Gateway

Part of the Interstellar Production Portal system

The Interstellar Streaming Gateway bridges remote WebRTC contribution streams to broadcast infrastructures. As part of the Interstellar workflow is easy to deploy and simple to manage.

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The Interstellar Streaming Gateway is a secure, broadcast-grade 1RU streaming encoder and decoder for the production studio that bridges to remote WebRTC contributors working in the Interstellar workflow. It can ingest 4 contributors presenting a synchronized SDI interface to the production studio core. Additionally, it provides return video, audio and IFB to the contributors’ web browsers. This provides a full studio-side bridge for a complete Interstellar studio implementation.

The Interstellar Streaming Gateway receives WebRTC streams from remote contributors and decodes them directly to SDI for consumption in the main production core. It takes care of audio and video conversion and synchronization, so no additional glue is required. It also provides the ability to encode and send studio production feeds, such as program or multiviewers to remote contributors along with accompanying IFB audio. This solution is easy to deploy into a traditional broadcast rack environment and is centrally managed as part of the Interstellar workflow. Contributors need only worry about contributing content and not managing contribution connections.

The Interstellar Streaming Gateway is built on softGear, which gives flexibility to the rapidly changing needs of today’s broadcasters, providing software media processing built on a scalable microservice platform ideal for on-premise or cloud deployment.

The connectivity of the Interstellar Streaming Gateway includes the interfaces and codecs to support a single Interstellar studio with 4 remote contributors and one engineering contributor.

SDI Interface:

  • 4xSDI outputs
  • 1 x SDI input
  • Frame synchronizer on all SDI outputs

Format Support

  • 720p50/59.94
  • 1080i 50/59.94
  • 1080p 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94

Network Streams

  • 4 – decoders
  • 1 – encoder
  • 16 – audio channels per stream
  • Audio mapper provides unique audio return to each remote contributor

Codecs and Transport

  • h.264 (Constraint Baseline)
  • OPUS
  • WebRTC Transport

Control and Management

  • DashBoard
  • Interstellar API

Interstellar provides an efficient and intuitive user experience that allows remote contributors to send high quality, low latency video to existing production infrastructure. Through the Streaming Gateway, Interstellar integrates with your existing production switchers, routers and workflows through standard SDI connectivity. The Interstellar Streaming Gateway is tightly integrated with both the Interstellar Media Server and Interstellar Production portal to control the WebRTC streaming interfaces to the remote contributors.

The Interstellar Streaming Gateway accepts WebRTC audio/video streams from remote contributors and feeds your production interface via 4 frame-synchronized SDI outputs. Contribution audio and talkback is embedded, so an audio de-embedder or (audio-capable router like Ultrix) can de-embed these audio channels feed audio production and intercom. The SDI input accepts return video from production with embedded IFB audio for each remote contributor. The Interstellar Streaming Gateway features an audio mapper that creates unique return streams for each contributor with their tailored audio content.

Control and setup are a snap. Operational control of the Interstellar Streaming Gateway is managed via the Interstellar production portal and initial setup can be performed via DashBoard.

The Interstellar Streaming Gateway provides all the streaming interfaces required for one Interstellar remote studio.

Interstellar Edition # Remote Studios # Users # Streaming Gateways
Express 1 5 1
Prime 2 10 2
Standard 5 25 5

Interstellar Streaming Gateway is ordered as part of the Interstellar Production Portal system.

Ordering Code Description
SG-IS-SGW Interstellar Streaming Gateway
SG-SGW-IS-PKG-SM Software Maintenance – 1 Year
SG-HW-1100 softGear 1RU Server Platform
SG-IO-SDI3G-8B 8-Channel Bi-directional SDI I/O Card
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