LDP-8242 HD / SD SDI Loudness Processor


HD / SD SDI Loudness Processor

Audio loudness processor with Linear Accoustic AEROMAX™.

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The LDP-8242 is ideal for correcting irritating loudness differences between programs and commercials. Featuring 24-bit audio processing that supports 16 channels of embedded audio from an HD / SD SDI signal.

With Linear Acoustic AEROMAX™ technology, the card applies loudness control on up to 6 channels of audio from any of the 16 channels of embedded audio. Linear Acoustic AEROMAX™ algorithms use a sophisticated multiband approach to loudness processing. These algorithms can apply multifacted loudness correction specifically targeted to various frequency ranges and other characteristics within the program material, resulting in audio free from abrupt loudness or image shifts while preserving more of the original content than previously possible.

An optional discrete AES option provides 16 channels of discrete audio support, with 8 AES pair BNCs, which can be configured as inputs or outputs. The AES-8242 option provides discrete audio loudness processing as well as 16 channel embedding / de-embedding.

Optional Linear Acoustic UPMAX™ upmixing technology allows legacy stereo program audio to be converted to 5.1 channel audio.

  • Loudness processing with Linear Acoustic AEROMAX™ algorithms
  • Actively and automatically corrects irritating loudness level changes
  • Automatic video delay to match audio processing delay
  • Loudness control for stereo or 5.1 audio
  • Sophisticated multiband processing
  • Audio channel mapping, phase inversion and level control
  • 16 channels of sample rate conversion

  • Passes all audio channels
  • Optional discrete AES I/O for discrete audio processing and 16 channels of embedding / de-embedding
  • Optional Linear Acoustic UPMAXTM 5.1 channel upmixing
  • Handles all popular formats of SD (270Mb/s) and HD (1.485Gb/s) signals
  • Ideal for bringing your station Compliance with the Calm Act
  • 5-year transferable warranty

HD / SD SDI Loudness Processor
 HD / SD SDI Loudness Processor

Rear Module Suffix (ex: [model]-R2)
-R2 Rear Module for LDP-8242

Software Options
AES-8242 Discrete AES I/O with Audio Multiplexing and De-Multiplexing
UMA-8242 Linear Accoustic UPMAX™ Upmixing


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