Signal Processing Master Control Systems Branding Solutions

Branding Solutions

Attracting viewers in a highly competitive market is not getting any easier, but strengthening your brand can help. The evolution of branding has continued well beyond the traditional station logos in the corner of television set. Animated logos, attention-catching teasers, and information updates are all a part of today’s master control and branding demands. Integrated branding and centralized graphics play a key role in brand consistency and strength and help to reduce costs. Finding simple, flexible, and cost-effective ways to strengthen your brand should be easy. Ross Video’s MC1 offers a variety of solutions to fit your branding requirements and budget. Enhance and simplify your channel branding with Ross Video’s MC1!

Solution 1

MC1’s Integrated Media Store with External Key / Fill Support

Integrated Media Store with External Key/Fill Support

Four downstream keyers offer the flexibility to add multiple layers of animated logo insertion and branding. Branding content is brought to air from the on-board 2GB internal media store and the external key and fill inputs for external graphic support.

Solution 2

MC1’s Integrated Media Store with XPression LiveCG

Integrated Media Store with XPression LiveCG

XPression LiveCG is an economical way to enhance your branding with eye-catching graphics. Simply load XPression LiveCG software onto your own workstation, connect it and MC1 to the same local area network, and you have a tightly integrated CG / Master Control System. XPression’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to build compelling 3D graphics, add logos on multiple layers and create beautiful titles. Ordering and playout using XPression’s rundown-style sequencer, renders directly into MC1’s MediaStore™, enhancing the flexibility and power of the MC1 Master Control System.

Solutions 3

MC1’s Integrated Media Store and XPression Full Motion Graphics

Integrated Media Store and XPression Full Motion Graphics

Upgrade to Full Motion Graphics with XPression Player, Studio, or Blue Box editions for a cost-effective graphics engine, producing beautiful, multi-layered graphics with ease. These packages offer powerful graphics playout, with the option for graphics creation and 3rd party automation, fully compatible with all of the XPression graphics workflow tools.