Signal Processing Master Control Systems Features


The MC1-MK Mixer/Keyer openGear® card can be used without an NK router for stand-alone applications including any combination of the following:

Capabilities Announced at NAB 2017

Version 6.2

  • Re-enables keyers 3 and 4 while in 3G mode
  • Audio downmix from 5.1 to stereo on output
  • TSL 3.1 protocol support for use with Ultrix bundles
  • Support for NK, Ultrix, and Third Party Routing Systems
  • Ultriscape MultiViewer Integration
  • Ultrimix MADI and embedded audio routing Integration

MC1 SqueezeBack & Voice Over Features


  • Perform smooth on-air SqueezeBack transitions to reveal another video source or graphic
  • Transition to pre-squeezed effects with standard transitions
  • Squeeze in any direction, on either X or Y axis, or both
  • 4 Presets for quick effect recalls on the fly

Voice Over

  • Flexible audio/voice over mixing
  • Variable program audio duck level
  • Audio over gain control
  • Preset mixing with transition control
Other Features

The MC1-MK occupies 4 out of 20 frame processing slots, leaving the remaining slots for additional MC1-MK processing or other openGear® solutions such as Loudness Processing, Dolby™ Encoding and Nielsen WaterMarking.

MC1-MK Card

  • Cost-effective modular design
  • Multi-channel control
  • Touchscreen control surface
  • Ease-of-use manual control
  • Hot key operation
  • Full next event preview
  • Direct control of 10 inputs, 20 with shift
  • Programmable PGM / PST transition Toggle
  • 4 Branding Keyers with internal storage and playout
  • External Key / Fill graphics input
  • Embedded audio processing
  • Fade to Black / Silence
  • PGM audio level control
  • Audio confidence monitoring
  • Automation interface
  • Integrated EAS text crawl with optional AudioOver
  • 8 assignable GPI/O
  • PGM protection relay
  • 4 assignable outputs, PGM, PST, CLEAN
  • Configurable SqueezeBack with 4 presets for quick effect recall
  • Flexible Audio / Voice over with preset transitions