Signal Processing Master Control Systems DashBoard User Interface

DashBoard User Interface

MC1 Master Control GUI

  • Assign control to independent MC1s for multi-channel control on-the-fly
  • Confidence monitoring of both PGM and PST audio
  • Lock out the touchscreen
  • Count up segment timer
  • Adjust PGM audio level
  • Take Keyers direct on / off the PGM output with one button
  • Transition PST, including BKGD and up to 4 keyers to PGM
  • Pre-select next event with full control over BKGD, KEY1, KEY2, KEY3, KEY4
Configuration Menu

Configuration Menu

Signal Status

  • Monitor video, audio and reference signals

Hardware Performance

  • Monitor operating temperatures and other hardware parameters

Product Configuration

  • Configure audio and video formats and parameters
  • Setup GPI control and tally outputs
  • Configure external automation protocols
  • Configure on-board Ethernet parameters for remote control and file transfers
  • Setup router configuration and sources
  • Emergency Alert System configuration
  • Configure select personality parameters
On-Air Keyer Menu

On-Air Keyer Menu

  • Easy assignment of preloaded logo’s to keyers
  • Key setup with transparency, clip, and gain
  • Key type selection
  • External Key / Fill setup
On-Air Logo Menu

On-Air Logo Menu

  • File navigation / conversion
  • Logo attribute, X/Y position, loop, play